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We love partnering with businesses to improve their website & SEO performance!

At Digital Treasury, we believe in 100% transparent marketing services for our clients.
This means we do exactly what we say we can do and tell you all the details!
We’re sick of low quality SEO & Website Design agencies providing shoddy services or NO services at all!
We look to partner with our clients to provide services that actually grow their business.

Our Early Story

When Brett’s now wife graduated from University as a Podiatrist he lovingly created a simple Drupal website to help her kick off her career and generate some new patients to treat. 

Having dabbled in making websites for friends and family in the mid 90s for a bit of fun as a kid, Brett found making the website was pretty easy, and he proudly launched it within a couple of weeks. 

Having seen how much more consumers were using the internet since the mid 90s, Brett assumed that launching the brand new site would be all there was to it and customers would start flooding in.

Boy was he wrong! 

After launching the website exactly nothing happened. 

The website received zero traffic and no new patients called up to get an appointment. 

What could he do?

Not to give up on a challenge lightly, Brett went down a deep and dark internet marketing rabbit hole trying to learn as much as he could about generating website traffic and getting new clients for his then girlfriend. 

After spending hundreds of hours reading, learning, buying courses and experimenting with the website he had built, Brett was able to implement a technique called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and rank a graduate podiatrist #3 for “Podiatrist Melbourne” (+500 searches per month). 

All the sudden traffic to the site was exploding and clients were driving from all over Melbourne to get Podiatry treatments for a range of different foot problems. 

Having seen SEO’s ability to generate real revenue for the Podiatry clinic, Brett started helping other family and friends with their website and SEO, all while working full time in the Treasury, Finance and Investment areas of large corporations in Melbourne. 

Digital Treasury was founded in 2014 by Brett Melville. 

What happened next?

After 15 years of the corporate life working in Banking, Treasury, Finance and Pensions Investment areas of companies like Australia Post, National Australia Bank & Orica, Brett decided to throw himself into website design and SEO full-time in early 2018.

Armed with a laptop and a recycled hardwood kitchen table, Brett quickly established Digital Treasury as a reliable provider of website development projects and search engine optimisation services. 

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How did it go?

Since then we’ve helped more businesses grow with new website designs and built up their organic traffic with SEO techniques.

We’ve built out a great team to handle all of the demand.

What Can We Help You With?

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Meet Our Team


Brett Melville

Head of Website & Ranking Strategy

Chris Koch

Website & UX Specialist

Ana Resized

Ana Villan

SEO Specialist


Theodore Sariklis

Content Writer

We’re SEO & Website specialists that help businesses grow their profits online with custom website designs and smart traffic strategies.

Your website is a visual communication tool that needs to clearly explain to visitors:

  1. WHO you are;
  2. WHAT you do;
  3. WHO you can help;
  4. HOW you help them; and
  5. HOW they can get it from you!

Once you’ve put together all this information and designed a beautifully responsive website, your business needs traffic. We help our clients implement search engine optmisation strategies which improve search engine rankings and increase traffic related to the products and services that you sell.

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