If you’re a small business owner, you have probably come across the term “SEO” before and you might be wondering if the benefits of SEO for small business, out weight the time or money investment?

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the benefits of SEO for small business to help you get a better understanding of whether it’s right for yours.

We strongly recommend you look at why you should invest in an SEO strategy for more info.

Laser-Targeted Organic Traffic

The first and one of the most significant benefits is the increase in organic traffic.

By organic traffic, we’re talking about traffic from search engines like Google. The whole goal of SEO is to get your business website in the organic results.

What makes SEO so special though, is that the traffic is actively searching for keywords related to your business. This means they have real intent to learn about you or take an action which is why they are much more likely to purchase your product or service.

For example, if you’re looking for a local Accountant, you’d probably head over to Google and type in “Accountant + your area”. For an accountant, it would then be extremely valuable to show up in the search engine results for terms like this as it would bring a consistent stream of high-quality leads.

More Customers

An increase in organic traffic will naturally lead to more leads and customers. This is especially the case because of how targeted the traffic it is.

Not only is it an increase, but it’s also a consistent one. If you dominate the search engine results page (SERP) over a longer period of time, you’ll be able to grow your business to new heights.

Brand Visibility

SEO doesn’t only grow your traffic, but it also increases your brand’s visibility.

If your brand is showing up for terms related to what your service is, it’s a great bit of marketing. We probably don’t need to explain that customers usually buy from businesses that they know. If your appearing in the SERPs, this is great as it automatically introduces your business to the searcher.

Now, these searchers are much more likely to recognise your business and are therefore more likely to purchase later on down the line.

This is also something that we have benefited from by ranking for terms such as “SEO in Australia”. This term connects our brand, with “SEO in Australia” which has immense benefits for our own marketing purposes.

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Brand Trust & Credibility

Another big benefit of SEO is that your brand gains trust and credibility. You’ve probably noticed that even when you search, you tend to trust organic listings more than the ads unless you already know the brand that is advertising.

That’s because organic listings build trust and credibility. This is also why many companies focus on improving their SEO, before jumping heavily into ads.

If you were to type a question into Google or look for a review of a product, you probably wouldn’t trust an advertisement. The reason being is that you would assume they have some type of biased motive.

You’re much more likely to trust the organic listings instead. Don’t get us wrong, just like everything else, ads have their place too. But for this example, we just wanted to highlight the trust and credibility benefits of SEO compared to paid ads.

Beat The Competition

If you’re securing one of the top organic listings, it means one of your competitors is becoming less visible. Of course, this has its benefits from a business point of view.

On the other hand, if you aren’t actively working on your SEO, a competitor might push you out the way by bypassing you on the SERP.

This is another reason to work on your SEO, as it allows you to grab more market share.


We hope you have enjoyed this article on the benefits of SEO for small businesses.

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