eCom Babes Review:
Cortney Fletcher’s Dropshipping Course Pros and Cons

eCom Babes Review

In this article, we review the eCom Babes company.

What is eCom Babes?

eCom Babes is an online company who has been selling digital products for about ten years.

The company offers various “how-to” tutorials, usually with video lessons on how to manage your eCommerce business by selling physical or digital goods online. eCom Babes also provide live webinars and online courses.

What are the products eCom Babes sell?

The eCom Babes company sells various different products, including online courses and an eCommerce web hosting service. The most popular product by far is probably the “Amazon FBA Selling Machine.” This program claims to teach members how to build a business selling physical goods on Amazon through fulfillment by Amazon, or FBA. They claim that members can start this program for as low as $49 per month and makeup to $3000 per month after completing it.

How does eCom Babes work?

First, they offer monthly subscriptions. For $49 per month, you can join their “Selling Machine” program, or for $79 per month, you can get access to all of their courses. They also offer higher-priced subscriptions, which gives you access to all of their material at once.

You get access to the eCom Babes membership area, video lessons, supplementary materials, and online support.

Who is the eCom Babes program for?

eCom Babes is predominantly targeted at women looking to start an ecommerce business. It is for beginners, however it does offer more advanced content, such as learning how to run paid ads.

If you are an existing online store owner and want to implement dropshipping into your business, then eCom Babes is suitable.

Now lets review the Pros and Cons of eCom Babes.

Pros of eCom Babes:

  • Step by step strategies to start or grow an online boutique;
  • No need to hold inventory;
  • No paid advertising budget required; or
  • No technical website developer experience needed.

Cons of eCom Babes:

  • You have to pay monthly fees – This might be a problem for some people who cannot afford to spend money they don’t yet have. The “Selling Machine” program is $49 per month;
  • They market heavily through Instagram – This can be annoying because they use paid advertisements to spam your feed with ads about making money online;
  • It takes time and effort to become successful- For many eCom Babes users, the lack of results probably let them down. The truth is that you cannot make six figures through amazon FBA by watching videos and reading supplementary books.