What do web marketing experts specialise in? and what exactly is their role in digital marketing? In this article we’ll discuss what web marketing is and best practices for SEO.

If you’re a business looking to promote your product and service, you will often find yourself stumbling upon terms such as “web marketing experts”, “seo specialists specialists”, “online marketing” etc. Gone are the days when marketing and advertising was all about TV commercials, magazine features and large billboards. Establishing a strong online presence is now crucial more than ever with corporations paying thousands of dollars for digital marketing services to raise their brand awareness and generate website traffic.

However, the world of online media and the Internet is a vast, constantly changing space, so you might be wondering, what is web marketing all about?

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What is web marketing?

Web marketing is focused on advertising and promoting your business online, with many believing it’s a much more cost efficient way to get your business on the radar. In addition, web marketing is much more focused on your specific target market and the industry as a whole, allowing your business to attract the correct demographics of your customer. Lastly, web marketing allows you to reach potential customers from various locations at the same time, without the physical boundaries placed by local magazines or TV commercials.

Web marketing covers many different aspects of digital space, and consists of various niches:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Content Marketing
  • Paid-Per-Click / Paid Search (PPC)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Display advertising

At Digital Treasury, we particularly specialise in the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Content Marketing side of web marketing and this is exactly what our web marketing experts do. Essentially, our marketing experts are SEO specialists that focus on maximising the chances of your products / services being prioritised by search engines such as Google and discovered by potential consumers. This requires a deep level of both creative and technical skill in order to understand the algorithm of search engines and keep up to date with the ever changing nature of online media.

What Do Web Marketing Experts Do for Best-Practice SEO?

Our web marketing experts conduct multiple in-depth research operations in order to come up with the most effective SEO strategy for your business. However, in order to do so it’s essential to understand what SEO is all about.

Say you were looking to purchase a gold ring. This would typically involve typing “gold ring” into Google and scanning the top couple of links. The first 3-4 at the top and the bottom of the first page often has an “Ad” logo placed next to it. This stands for “Paid Search”, which works under the Pay-Per-Click model, meaning websites and businesses do not pay until someone clicks on the ad. All the subsequent website pages without the “Ad” logo are considered to be ranking “organically”, where they are not paying to be in that space. So going with the example of searching for a gold ring, web marketing experts’ job is to ensure their gold ring business is ranking organically in the top 5-10 search results.

Now, Google’s algorithm in what websites it decides to rank first might change at any point. Web marketing experts ensure to complete an extensive analysis of the industry (i.e. gold jewellery), the top competitors that are ranking well and the types of content that is ranking in order to gather a rough prediction of how Google’s algorithm will rank their page. This may consist of keyword research such as “gold ring” to look at possible variations, what other words consumers type in when looking for gold rings and overall intent behind their search.

On the basic level, keyword research assists web marketing experts to create new content and optimise existing pages with a strategic SEO approach. This in turn allows Google to assess the relevance of the website and push it to a higher position while also meeting and satisfying consumers’ initial intent.

For example, this could simply involve optimising an existing page that sells gold rings with a relevant keyword such as “buy gold ring australia” to ensure it appears whenever users in Australia search up this exact keyword. However, there are hundreds of variations out there with people searching for gold rings under all the different circumstances. They may be searching for “gold engagement rings” or “gold rings for women”, “gold rings with diamonds”, the options are limitless. Web marketing experts ensure they make the best use of all the best possible variations in order for their client to rank first on multiple occasions, scenarios and circumstances.

On that same note, there could also be many different reasons for people being interested in gold rings. Besides searching to buy one, they might want to know the best gold ring styles in 2021 first, or gold ring care instructions, or whether they would be able to receive engraving upon purchase etc. These other reasons that do not particularly involve the initial intent of purchase, can all be turned into relevant keywords and used as an opportunity to create relevant content. This will not only help the website to rank and generate traffic but also be used to answer frequently asked questions by the target audience and thereby increase brand awareness and online presence.

This is why web marketing experts spend their days researching all the various possibilities, intents, and competitors in order to deliver a unique and different SEO approach to establish their business’ online presence, generate exposure and ultimately convert that into revenue.

Does Digital Marketing Work For All Business?

Digital marketing can work for all businesses regardless of the industry you are in. However, the approach may vary depending on what your short and long term goals are. The primary role of web marketing experts is identifying your primary consumer needs and tailoring each strategy accordingly, starting from relevant keywords to generating appropriate content.

However, digital marketing is a broad spectrum with various subdivisions. Web marketing experts not only specialise SEO strategies but also Paid Search strategy and social media marketing as well as web development.

This is why we at Digital Treasury, always start with a thorough research into each one of our client’s industry, analysing top competitors and the market itself and to provide you with the best possible approach that is unique to your business.

Our web marketing experts can not only help you with Search Engine Optimisation but also assist in WordPress maintenance, develop custom website designs or provide an overall consulting and training service.

Get in touch if you’re looking for web marketing experts if you want your business to start ranking, increase website traffic and start generating revenue!