Fund Managers write a lot of content.

Not only to meet demands of investors hungry to understand their latest quarterly investment performance, but the process of writing down an investment thesis can help fund managers gain clarity on the merit of a equity, bond or even property investment deal.

Some of the content that fund manager publish, ends up on the website. Usually as some sort of after though 

What many fund managers may not know is that you can optimise the content that they publish on their website, to get free organic traffic from search engines like Google. Imagine gaining search engine traffic and scoring more meetings with potential investors by making small, simple tweaks to your website.

However, many fund managers generally ignore search engine optimisation and publish content that contains simple SEO mistakes that are preventing them from ranking. 

In this article, I’ll show you 8 common SEO mistakes that I see fund managers making and what you can do to avoid them.  




What is SEO?

Before you move forward and learn about the common SEO mistakes, it is best to grasp the basic knowledge about Search Engine Optimisation abbreviated as SEO.

In simple terms, it is a way of bringing more traffic to your website.

You want more people to visit your page as there are chances of turning the visitors into potential customers. Make sure you are providing quality content to the visitors of your webpage so that they have a reason to return repeatedly!


8 Common On-page SEO Mistakes

Some of the most common on-page SEO mistakes that hurt your ranking on the search engine like Google are as follows:


1.Lack Of Images

Your website is a visual communication tool which provides you the opportunity to clearly explain your business strategy and value proposition. Given the visual elements of a website, a lack of images on a website makes the user experience for visitors quite boring and can cause them to bounce off your website.

For example, when you visit a certain webpage for installing certain software, you will like to see the images showing you the step by step instructions that can make it easy for you to follow the instructions.

fund manager website without images

Boring block of content on an uninteresting fund manager website.


What You Can Do To Avoid This Seo Mistake?

To avoid a lack of images, you can try the following:

  • Use your own images where you can instead of stuffing the entire page with the same standard stock images that everybody uses.
  • Use screenshots or infographics to add value to your text content.
  • If the image makes no sense in an article it is better not to bother adding one! Your content should be of value.

2. Broken Links, Images, and Alt Tags

Your focus as a fund manager should be providing valuable, well researched information to your clients and potential clients. If a certain visitor is visiting your webpage and find the broken links or broken images it can result in poor user experience, which in turn can affect the ranking of your website on the search engine. For Google image search, it is important to use the alt tags and with the missing alt tags, there can be a problem on your website.

fund manager with broken links


What You Can Do To Avoid This Issue?

You can do the following and avoid the common SEO mistakes:

  • Make sure there are no missing alt tags as these are important to help explain the search engine about the images.
  • Make sure you are adding the SEO keyword phrases to the image alt tags since it can help in providing the description of the relevant image in a textual form. In fact, by doing so the search engines can easily categorize the images and the alt tags are important for people who are visually impaired.
  • Make sure there are no broken links on your web page as the user on your website would be looking for valuable information.

Hence, if you want to provide a great user experience to the visitors of your website, it is important that you add alt tags to the images.


3. Issues With Meta Title Tag

Title tags are important for your page ranking. To get a better ranking of your page, it is important that the search engine is able to determine what the title tag of your page is about. In fact, these are so important that the visitors on your web page can decide whether they would like to follow your link or not.

meta title for fund managers


How To Avoid Issues Related To Meta Title Tag?

  • Make sure your title tags are correctly optimized as it can lead to a better ranking of your page on the search engine;
  • Make sure there are no missing title tags on your page. Avoid the broken title tags as well! The information provided by such links would otherwise be of no use. If you want the user to visit your webpage again, it is best to work on the meta title tag. If you don’t know how to fix the issue, it is always best to hire a professional!
  • If there is no valuable information within the length of your title tag displayed by Google then the chances of a web user clicking your link would be lower. It is therefore important that you are adding valuable information within the provided title tag. There are chances of more users clicking your webpage if the information answers their query and adds value to their required piece of information.
  • To avoid such an issue, it is best if you learn the use of modern SEO tools that can help you in identifying the issues related to the meta title tag. There is always room for growth and learning, it is best if you have the knowledge of how such things operate on the search engine. There are guides available that can help in finding such SEO tools that can of great assistance when identifying the broken or missing title tags.


4. Issues With Meta Description

When a certain user visits your web page, it is the meta description that lets them decide whether to go further and find more information or leave the link there as it is! Thus, a user’s decision is pretty much based on the meta description. It is important for you to keep in mind that it does not affect the page ranking directly; however, it does have an impact on CTR! You guessed right, it is indeed valuable.

meta title for fund managers


How To Solve Common SEO Mistakes Relevant to Meta Description?

  • If your site is having duplicate meta descriptions or no meta description at all, it is time to get the action! Fix the meta description. You can either learn how to do it or consider asking for help depending on your business.
  • With the help of the Site Audit Tool, it is possible to identify the issues but you have to fix it manually. Consider the right SEO plugin for WordPress. The point to note here is, you need to fix the issues as soon as possible so that the users visiting your web page can find valuable information and a missing piece of information that not waste their precious time.


You can keep the following tips in mind for creating suitable meta descriptions for your web page so that you can avoid the common SEO mistakes:

  1. Make sure you are adding important information in the first 155 characters. It can be quite tricky but don’t worry, you can do it!
  2. Get your message across in an active voice. Avoid using the passive voice or grammar mistakes.
  3. If you want people to come back again for more information or simply visit your web page, adding a suitable call to action can be the best thing to do!
  4. Try to include the focus keyword in the meta description since it has chances of better readability. For example, let’s say you are looking for best-hiking tips and search for it, the webpage that appears most informative including your searched keyword or phrase is the one you might prefer clicking.
  5. Try to get better snippets. It is best to include the features of a certain product in the meta description as a user who is looking for such features and relevant information is likely to click such an informative link!
  6. Always add value to what you are writing in the meta description. When you are creating the content for your web page, keep the user in your mind and try to imagine what kind of information they might be looking for and why should they read it on your specific web page?
  7. Avoid keyword stuffing at all costs since gone are the days when keyword stuffing was the key to rank higher on the search engine. You must know that Google is smart now and it can easily penalize you if the content is plain fluff or if there is nothing informative in the article besides keyword stuffing to capture the attention of users.

It is said that content is the king but your user is the one who can decide better. If the content is valuable and informative, you are good to go! But, if despite the great meta descriptions there is no valuable input on your web page, you might not rank higher. Always add value!


5. Internal & External Broken Links


Let’s say your business or you as a person are gaining popularity and more visitors are visiting your webpage every now and then! If there is a 404 page but it is set up, it might not be an issue for one time; however, if your web page is full of such links do you think a user would like to visit the web page again?


How To Avoid Issue?

  • Make sure you fix the 404 errors as such errors can be a potential threat to the overall ranking of your website. You might be among the low-quality webpages if this issue gets common.
  • There are greater chances of your webpage not being crawled or indexed by the bots. You have to fix this issue to avoid this common mistake otherwise, you might be wasting a lot of crawl budget on this issue.
  • Using the Site Audit Tools can be a good idea to identify such errors. The first step is always the identification of an issue or error so that it becomes easier or possible to tackle the problem.


6. Doing The Right or Wrong Keyword Research?

It is true that keyword stuffing is a thing of the past and Google can impose penalties! But, what you can do to rank higher on the webpage is rather than indulging yourself with the right or wrong keyword research, focus on the topic and add valuable information to the content.


How To Avoid This Issue?

  • In simple terms, all you have to do is create an informative piece of the article but your main focus should be on the topic of discussion.
  • Rather than relying solely on a single keyword and stuffing it everywhere on the webpage, it would be best to search for the relevant keywords that can be close to the main keyword or can at least match them. In this way, you can create an informative article using the right keywords without stuffing them.
  • To do so, you can take help from the customers and even your competitors. It is best to do a thorough search and find all the relevant information.

For example, if you are trying to write an informative article on understanding SEO, it is best to ask the users to give you information on what specifically they are searching for when looking for understanding the basics of SEO. asking such questions can give you enough information on how to create your content in a smart way! Plus, you can visit the webpage of your competitor that is ranking higher in the search engine and thus, you can get information on what they have been writing to capture the attention of such a large client base.


7. Right or Wrong Keyword Placement

If you are running a webpage, it is important that you are aware about the keyword placement. When you are running a business, make sure you know the ins and outs of that particular business so that you would know what keywords are important.


How To Avoid Wrong Keyword Placement?

  • Make sure you are placing the keyword in the title of the article.
  • It has to be in the permalink as well.
  • You should consider the keyword in the first paragraph of the article. However, it is important for you to keep in mind that keyword placement does not mean that you are putting the keyword in the content but it makes no sense. It should make some sense! After all, providing vital information to the visitor to your webpage should be your ultimate priority.
  • Try to place the relevant keyword in the title tag of the images.
  • You can use LSI keyword in the body, H2, and H3.
  • Try to keep your focus on keyword density of 1.5%

There are tools available that can help you with the keyword density. However, it is important for you to create content in such a way that it solves the query of your potential customer. For example, if the user of your web page is looking for information on how to remove makeup then the article on your website should provide the relevant information rather than beating about the bush!


8. Heading Tags Are Missing

Missing heading tags could be an issue that is keeping your web page away from ranking higher in Google. It is important that you consider the heading tags important and take appropriate measures to fix them.


How To Resolve This Issue?

  • You have to use the heading tags as headings!
  • Try to make your piece of informative article user-friendly with the use of headings. Ask yourself a question, whether you like to read an article that have information distributed under the right headings or would you rather prefer plain paragraphs without a single heading on the web page.
  • H1 should be such that when people read it they immediately know what you are going to talk about in that particular article.
  • You can use the focus keyword in the h1 along with the title and meta description. But you have to make sure that it is making sense.
  • H1 is the main heading for your web page. However, the remaining headings would be the sub-headings. You have to structure your entire article in such a way that it conveys the right information.


Final Words

Google is smart and knows what you are doing! So, don’t try to take advantage of the system by using the tactics that are unethical to help you rank higher in the search engines whether it is Google or any other.

It is best to avoid the above mentioned 8 common SEO mistakes so that you can rank higher in Google. In fact, try to deliver valuable information to your users and providing the utmost level of satisfaction to your customers should be your main priority.

Remember, your hard work will surely pay off if you are following the right tips, tricks, and tactics to rank better in the search engine for the next time. Use the right keywords, headings, meta descriptions, titles, and make sure you are answering the query of your website users. If you need to do a little research for this purpose, there is no harm in doing so since your potential clients and competitors would be able to give you the best piece of information.