With Kew being so close to the downtown Melbourne business district, it’s easy to see why so many entrepreneurs, startups, and established businesses are looking to partner with the best web design Kew operation around to build an online platform that can compete in today’s increasingly crowded market places.

We are proud to offer our services to the community of Kew (as well as to business owners and entrepreneurs around Australia), working constantly to improve the online experience of our clients so that they can build the business of their dreams.

Accomplished Web Designers and Developers

When you choose to move forward with our web design Kew services, you’re choosing to move forward with web design and development experts that understand EXACTLY how to put together an online platform built with one thing in mind – growing the business of our clients.

The websites and web platforms that we design and develop for our clients are anything but digital business cards and instead operate like automated and automatic 24/7 salespeople. We understand not only how to handle the technical side of designing and developing a quality website, but also know how to tightly interweave salesmanship, customer and consumer psychology, and the latest conversion tactics and strategies to build a business that rings your register.

Breaking Down Our Design and Development Process

Thanks to our experience in this industry, we’ve been able to dramatically simplify and streamline the way our web design Kew process plays out.

This gives us an opportunity to build better websites faster, without cutting corners but instead providing our clients with future proof online solutions that can grow and scale as their business does.

Here’s what you can expect from our design and development process when you choose to partner with our web design Kew services.

Client Discovery

Every single one of our web design and development projects begin with a conversation between you, your management team, and anyone else you want to have a say in how your website gets built and our designers and our developers.

We’ll talk about what you want to achieve with this site, the goals you want to accomplish, the functionality you want it to serve in your business, as well as how you want things to look and feel. This conversation lays down the cornerstone of everything that will come afterwards, and is a big piece of our web development puzzle.

Wireframe and Prototyping

While the initial conversation we have will act as the cornerstone, the wire framing and prototyping our designers and developers will do provides a bare-bones structure and architecture that the rest of the web design and development process can be built on top of.

This part of our web design process involves rapidly iterating different designs, different prototypes, and different “looks” of your website in a very bare-bones and basic way. But it gives our designers and developers a finalized designed to “paint by numbers”, so to speak that rapidly speeds up the rest of the development cycle.

Initial Approval

You’ll have an opportunity to provide constant input throughout the development cycle but nothing moves forward from the wire framing and prototyping process unto you give your initial greenlight. Once things begin to look the way you want them to our designers really go to work!

Homepage Design and Development

Recognizing that your homepage is going to be the most important “anchor page” in your website, and the page most of your new visitors and customers are going to see first, this is where we spend the bulk of our time in the initial design and development stage.

We will get everything dialed in as far as overall design and aesthetics are concerned, but will also flesh out the prototype and wireframe so that you can get a look at how the rest of your site is going to be developed moving forward.

Design Approval

Again, nothing moves forward until you give your greenlight the homepage design. This is the design language that will inform every other decision made on subsequent pages, and nothing moves forward until you are completely happy and satisfied with the way things look and feel.

Hard Coding of the Platform

After we get the green light from you on the overall design and architecture of the site we go to work building out the rest of the platform, taking advantage of CMS solutions, the latest versions of HTML and CSS (as well as numerous programming languages) and really build out the capabilities and functionality of the site you will be proud to have representing your business.

Final Touchups and Approval

All of this is happening behind the scenes on our testing servers so that you never have to worry about customers coming across an unfinished or unpolished website that might change or be modified before you are ready for launch.

We will continue to make changes and modifications on the backend until you’re happy with the results, and once you give the final go-ahead will get ready to move things over and get your site for life.

Live Launch

The migration process from our testing servers to lightning fast, safe, and secure hosting packages will take next to no time at all, and after your final approval your site will be live inside of just a few hours – frequently much sooner than that.

If you’d like to learn a little more about how we can help you build a business focused website here in Kew, reach out to us at your earliest convenience. We’d love to discuss things further!