Trying to find the best web designers? Well done, you’ve found Digital Treasury, leading website design company.

Before you speak to a web designer, you should get together a quick web design brief to help outline what your requirements are.

If you haven’t done this before, one of our website designers can help you put this together, otherwise you can follow our website design brief template below:

✅ Why are you building the website? (Business Goals)

✅ What is this website for? (Purpose)

✅ Who are the people that will use the website? (Demographic/Target Customers/Audience)

✅ Why do your customers/audience need this website? (Customer Needs)

✅ What can users do on the website? (Functionality)

✅ How many pages do you need designed & built? (Pages)

Common Web Design Questions

It depends on the process that your website design agency undertakes to create your website, to understand the cost.

How much does a website design cost?

Is the work complete by:

  • Freelancer – Front end website developer ONLY
  • Agency Website Design Team – Website Strategist, Website Designer, Website Developer, Website Tester

As you could imagine, the more time that is spent on your website, the more it could cost. Price will also be impacted by the number of pages and complexity of functionality needed. The larger the website, the more hours will be needed to create.

Our website typically cost over $7,000 to complete. If you want to get a specific proposal, please contact us.