Notting Hill 3168 VIC Web Design

Notting Hill is definitely helping to lead the charge of new businesses being built in Australia, and while it might not be the start of hub other hotspots like Sydney and Melbourne are right now there are still a fair share of entrepreneurs starting out on their business building dreams – and looking for help getting a website up and running to take the next step.

That’s where our Notting Hill web design services come into play.

For years now we’ve been working hand-in-hand with entrepreneurs throughout the Notting Hill community and beyond to design, develop, and establish online platforms and websites that help make the register ring.

Our websites go far beyond digital business cards and instead act as an all-inclusive online portal for your business, one of the most important foundations of your business building campaigns, and a central hub that most of your customers are going to interact with on a regular basis.

Importance of Future Proofing Your Notting Hill Business Website

On top of that, our Notting Hill web design firm understands the value and importance of building as future proof a website as possible these days.

All of our web designs are 100% custom, regularly built on top of top-tier CMS solutions like WordPress, and are created with today and tomorrow in mind. We offer full maintenance and upgrade solutions, can help you reconfigure your website when it’s feeling tired, and can do so without having to rebuild from scratch because of the way we go about innovatively creating the sites to begin with.

Why Savvy Businesses Choose Our Notting Hill Web Design Firm

Established veteran business owners and newbies alike choose our Notting Hill web design firm to help guide them through this process because of the proven, step-by-step protocol we move through with every single one of these projects.

Instead of taking a willy-nilly approach, or reinventing the wheel every time a new client comes to our web design organization, we instead have a very specific protocol, a very specific process, and a very specific set of solutions that we move through to build websites quickly, efficiently, and professionally.

Client Discovery

Everything starts during the discovery process, when we work hand-in-hand together to figure out exactly what kind of website you’re looking to build and how you want that website to look, feel, and function.

Wireframe and Prototyping

From there, we move into the wireframe and prototyping phase of our proprietary process. This is where we start to figure out the “rough edges” of how your website will be laid out, how it will look in the grand scheme of things, and how the architecture of your site needs to be established before we can move forward fleshing things out.

Initial Approval

After the initial wireframes and prototypes have been built, we’ll get together to figure out what you like, what you aren’t so crazy about, and how you’d like things to change or evolve before we move forward. This initial approval green lights the next major phase of the process, and will never move forward until you are completely comfortable with how things are shaking out.

Homepage Design and Development

Your homepage is prime real estate for sure, and it’s going to dictate and influence how every other page on your site looks, feels, and functions. By focusing the next phase of this design and development process on your homepage exclusively were able to really nail how things should look, where things should be positioned, and how the flow of your site should be established.

Design Approval

After our designers and developers knock out the homepage design it’s time to get together once again to figure out if you’d like to make any changes, recommend any alterations, or would like to go in a different direction as far as overall design language, color scheme, and specific design elements are concerned.

Again, we never move forward with the rest of your project until we get that greenlight from you.

Hard Coding of the Platform

Once the design language has been settled on it’s time for our developers to get to work “under the hood”, hard coding the website, integrating it with a CMS if you choose to go in that direction, and fleshing out the basic on page search engine optimization, conversion, and traffic generation tactics and strategies you’ll use to build your business moving forward.

Final Touchups and Approval

As your project comes to life on our test server you’ll have plenty of opportunities to communicate with our designers and developers to encourage things to move in the same direction, to recommend changes or alterations, or to ask for new functions and features to be built in.

Live Launch

And once we get that final approval for you will migrate the site off of our test servers and onto your life server, with high-speed, safe and secure hosting options available should you choose to go in that direction.

Your site will be 100% live, ready for traffic, and will become a focal point of your business efforts from here.

If you’d like to talk a little bit more about how we might be able to put this project together for you, or just want to better understand how our Notting Hill web design services work – or to ask any other questions whatsoever – reach out to us at your earliest convenience and we will do everything we can to help!