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The competition for all Brisbane small and medium firms are increasing and having an SEO Brisbane campaign tailored to your business needs is crucial to keep yourself ahead of the curve.

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Increasing your business presence online will help improve sales, increase leads, conversions, and eventually grow profit margins in Brisbane and other parts of the Gold coast.

Why should you choose Search Engine Optimisation over Paid ads?

SEO is an incredible tool to dominate your competition, attract new customers and watch your business grow.

A long-term strategy if done with the right way with the right tactics can yield results paid ads won’t.

Facebook and Google ads can give you results based on the budget you are willing to spend, reduce the budget and reduce the traffic to your website.

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Ranking on the top of Google is not easy but that’s where we come in and help your Brisbane business grow and rank for keywords specifically for your business.

Organic traffic is free traffic and higher you rank the more traffic is generated on your website.

How do you rank first on Google?

The SEO landscape is highly competitive and everyone wants to rank first on Google. Ranking for keywords that companies with a large marketing budget also rank for can be very difficult. But going as niche as possible and being able to rank for keywords that are low hanging fruits and quick wins can be a smart approach.

It is important to understand what the user would search for when thinking about a product or service, it may not make sense but these keywords are actually valuable and most of them aren’t very difficult to rank for.

Relevant content is very important to be able to rank and along with optimising the content with relevant keywords, meta tags etc.

Digital Treasury is an SEO agency Brisbane business needs and can help you with SEO Brisbane services by being 100% transparent and here’s what we do.


The pillars for effective SEO Brisbane Campaigns

Relevant Content

The search engine algorithm is constantly changing and becoming more accurate in understanding the user queries and matching it up with the right answers. If your content is not updated or relevant with right targeted keywords, most likely your ranking won’t improve. Updating or refurbishment of content is important to ensure your Brisbane based business stays relevant amongst its competitors.

It’s also necessary that content should be different depending on what you want to achieve. Content that talks about what your service offers, why you are experts within the industry and what makes your business different from the competition.


Authority is a measure that increases the overall visibility of your website along with the rankings on search results page. Page Authority and Domain Authority are the factors that can be quantified.

For a website to be able to have authority the content needs to be relevant and give the reader a reason to stay on the web page and continue to interact on the website. Inorder to build trust the content should be able to answer problems of the potential customers and helps create quality backlinks as well.


Ranking in simple terms is a website’s position on a search engine results page (SERP). Different factors determine a website’s ranking on the results page like relevant content, keywords used within the content, quality of the backlinks it received. Search engines have their own way of ranking websites.

The higher a website ranks the more traffic it receives which leads to a correlation between high ranking and higher traffic. Digital Treasury can help your Brisbane business rank on Google. Contact us to learn more about how SEO Brisbane services.

User Experience

User Experience or UX is an important factor before starting any SEO Brisbane campaign.

A UX Audit is necessary to understand the website and if there are any missing elements that might be a factor for the SEO Brisbane campaign to be unsuccessful.

A website should be able to tell the visitor what the business is about and what can be offered to the visitor. The navigation of the website is important to help visitors effortlessly navigate throughout the website without any unnecessary distracting elements.

Website Speed and Mobile responsiveness are two key elements that can help traffic increase leading to a successful SEO campaign.

Link Building

Link building is an SEO technique used to improve the website’s ranking on the search engine. Building links is a process to acquire links from websites that helps the algorithm to know the content is valuable. Good links are a sign of relevant content to build long term organic traffic.

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