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As SEO Consultants Sydney, our primary goal is to deliver 100% transparent SEO campaigns, specifically tailored to your business without any fixed contracts.

Every day, people all over the world are typing things on Google, hoping to find the exact product or service that satisfies their consumer needs. Depending on the industry, chances are your products are already being searched for hundreds of times per day. Your potential customers simply cannot find them.

And here’s where SEO and SEO Consultants Sydney come into play. Having the best web design on the market alone, unfortunately does not automatically generate traffic. Instead, we help generate an SEO campaign in efforts of optimising your website to improve its Google rankings.

In order to achieve a successful SEO campaign, we focus on continuous learning, thorough research and efficient strategies.

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Brett Melville, owner Digital Treasury

Interested in SEO Consultant Sydney Services? Get targeted traffic from Google for the exact searches related to the products/services you sell with a well run SEO campaign!

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Why is SEO Important?

If you think about it, when searching for products or services, the majority of us most likely scan the first few pages on Google before coming to a final decision. In fact, according to a recent study by KPMG, 72% of Australian consumers searched online before making a buying decision.

Those top pages are also often considered to be the most reliable by customers as Google puts them first. So, what if we told you that a successful SEO campaign is what ensures that YOUR business is in those top pages.

When your business is visible for keywords that potential buyers of your products and services are using to research prior to buying, you increase the likelihood that they will trust your information and buy from you.

As SEO Consultants, we will develop an SEO strategy that increases both traffic and profits.
We understand that when businesses invest time and money into implementing SEO services they expect to see a return on their investment.

We find it crazy that all agencies don’t think this way!

But getting a return on your investment is not only about increasing your ranking and getting more traffic.

Your SEO efforts need to focus on choosing the right “buying focused keywords” that indicate potential customers are close to buying.

Whilst it might be fun to target high volume keywords and get lots of additional traffic, this can result in your website attracting a bunch of tyre kickers!

Instead, our SEO techniques target specific “buyer focus keywords” to generate new leads for your business every month.

Our Search Engine Optimisation service will be a good fit for your business if you want to:

Generate more leads and revenue from your website;
Increase website traffic, receive additional exposure;
Gain credibility associated with high rankings in Google organic search; and
Invest in SEO services for between 6 and 12 months.

Interested in our SEO Consultant Sydney Services?
Organise a free consultation where we can look at your exact SEO rankings today & discuss the SEO campaign it will take to improve your ranking in Google.

What Should an SEO Consultant in Sydney Deliver For Your Business?

This consist of the following components:

SEO Technical audit: assesses your current website functionality.

Competitor analysis: provides an overview of your key competitors and identify their strengths and weaknesses in order to discover gaps and opportunities for your business.

Keyword research: determines relevant target keywords for your industry.

SEO Content Writing and On-Page Optimisation: implements the findings from our research and analysis, where we are then able to create high quality, unique content for your website and blog pages in order to rank well in Google for your target keywords.

Link Building: allows you to establish a strong online presence and authority, which not only benefits your brand in Google’s eyes but also boosts your credibility. We search for and manually reach out to various authoritative websites within your particular niche and get them to link your website.

Want to talk SEO?

Organise a free consultation where we can look at your exact SEO rankings today & discuss the SEO campaign it will take to improve your ranking in Google. Live over the phone. No rubbish automated reports 🙂 Speak with a real SEO specialist. 


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