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SEO Packages. We help businesses around Australian get more customers by ranking in Google with our transparent and affordable SEO packages!


How Much Do Our SEO Packages Cost?

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*Deliverables of content and links can v

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Tasks We Complete For Our SEO Packages

We’ve worked with many businesses producing positive results from our SEO packages.

From this experience we know what tasks can move the dial for your websites’ ranking in Google to attract traffic relating the products/services that your business sells. Below are the search engine optisation tasks we may complete for you each month. We will tell you exactly what we’ve done for your SEO services in our bespoke monthly reporting.

Technical Website Audit

We’ll conduct an audit of your website from a technical point of view to determine how easy your website is to crawl from a search engine point of view. 

Content Audit

We’ll review the content on your website to look for opportunities to use in link building activities and to identify gaps where content needs to be expanded. 

Content Writing

We’ll help you research and write quality content that prospective leads and Google will love. 

Competition Analysis

We’ll review your competitors in the search engine results to see what they’re doing well and emulate within your SEO campaign. This could be content or links. 

Fast Loading Website

Test your website to make sure that its loading as fast as possible. This might mean recommending plugin changes, image file size compression or moving to faster hosting. 

Keyword Research

We’ll do a deep dive into the keywords that potential customers of yours are using to find businesses like yours, that sell the products/services that you sell. We find the keywords, volume and estimated difficult of ranking to get a realistic measure of how long or hard your SEO campaign will be.

Analytics & Tracking Setup

 Our SEO services includes setup of Google Analytics and Google Search Console so that we can track the improvements to your websites ranking, both transparently and accurately. We can also set up “goals” to see when your website converts goal that you desire. 

Local SEO Services

Optimise your Google Map Listing to make sure that your business is visible to your local area to capture the maximum possible attention locally. 

Link Building

Approach website owners and online publishers on your behalf pitching expert content written by you, on your industry in exchange for links. 

Content & Strategy Training

Some companies have an internal marketing teams that they prefer to use to generate website content. We can provide your team with SEO training to get the most value out of the content that your team produces, from a Google ranking perspective. 

Comprehensive Reporting

Each month we prepare a report with all the key metrics (clicks, impressions, position etc) to show you the progress of your SEO packages campaign. We also include our analysis of results, explained in easy to understand language. 

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Still Have Questions About Digital Treasury’s SEO Packages?

That’s okay, we get questions all the time from our customers about our SEO packages, so we’ve included the answers below to help you.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation.

To put it simply, SEO is the changes that you make “on” and “off” your website which result in you ranking higher in search engines, like Google.

Higher search engine rankings, will result in higher traffic to your website and more people finding out about the products or services you sell.

Therefore, “SEO services” are what you buy when you’re looking to get an agency to implement SEO for you.

With potential customers searching for your products/services almost every day, Google ranking optimisation or SEO, makes sense for a lot of businesses to help them get found.

How long does Search Engine Optimisation take to work?

It depends.

Now that’s a terrible answer, but for SEO services it’s true.

The factors that you’ll need to consider for “how long an SEO strategy will take to work” are:

How competitive the keywords are they you want to rank for? Are you up against thousands of well established companies with strong online presences?
Does your website have as much high quality content as your competitors?
Does your website have as many high quality backlinks or hyperlinks, as your competitors?

We’ll be able to estimate this before we start working together to give you a realistic view of the ability for us to rank your website. Call 03 8510 8202 to have a chat about your website and competitors.

What is the average cost of SEO packages for small business in Australia?

I hate to say this. It really depends on the provider and what you actually get. I really encourage you when you’re looking to outsource your SEO tasks to an agency, that you get a good understand of the exact tasks that they are completing for you each month. If they won’t do this, you have to ask yourself why? What are they hiding!

Should I invest in SEO or PPC?

This is a good question, and my answer is why not do both? The reality of SEO campaigns are that they’re a long term strategy, that can take 3,6,9,12 months of investment to bear fruit. Therefore, it can make sense to supplement your SEO campaign with a Pay Per Click advertising campaign with Google Ads.

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