SEO for Startups in Australia

We help Startups acquire more customers by applying Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques to their website.
Many famous Startup companies have chosen to implement SEO as part of their marketing strategy…because it works and delivers high R.O.A.S.!

Why SEO is important for Startups?

SEO is an important channel as part of the marketing strategy for any startup acquisition campaign.

However, SEO is often overlooked by startups in favour of other digital marketing channels like paid ads (from social media or Google Ads) which can deliver more instant gratification when it comes to acquisition.

SEO campaigns can take 3,6,9,12+ months (depending on the level of competition for keywords in your industry) to gain traction, which means startups need to take a longer term view on their investment in SEO.

So, if you’re thinking about investing in SEO, now is the perfect time to start!

Australian startups that have benefited from investing in SEO include:

  • Canva®;
  • Prospa;
  • Lendi; and
  • Koala.

/Graphic design company

canva organic seo traffic chart

Source: Ahrefs

/Business Loan Specialist

prospa organic traffic chart

Source: Ahrefs

/Home Loan Comparison

prospa organic traffic chart

Source: Ahrefs

/Online Mattress Store

koala mattress seo

Source: Ahrefs

Ask yourself this, could your startup benefit from new people finding out about your business from search engine results every month?

Search Engine Optimisation for Startup Businesses is a Little Different…

Implementing SEO campaigns for startup companies is different to working with for more established businesses in traditional industries.

The main reason is you’re typically starting from a fresh, newly created domain without any backlinks or authority.

Therefore, the goal of your SEO campaign should be to:

  • Rank for your brand name (I’m still shocked by the number of companies that you cannot find by searching for their brand name!);
  • Increase your brand awareness; 
  • Increase organic traffic to your website; and
  • Attract relevant organic traffic to your website for keywords related to the product/service/SaaS that your startup sells.

We have actual experience providing search engine optimisation services to startup companies in Australia who want more organic traffic to their website.

The Two Main Factors That Need to be optimised for SEO Are:

  • Content published on your website
  • Links pointing to your website

Note — there are thought to be hundreds of factors that contribute to Google’s ranking algorithm that need to be optimised for, in addition to Content and Links. 

SEO Content for Startups

Our team can help with high quality content creation that will rank in search engine results. There are a number of useful content frameworks that can be applied as part of an SEO campaign to produce content that attracts the right kind of traffic to your website. These can include:

  • Best + [product]
  • Best + [features of product] + [product]
  • Best + [product] + store to buy from
  • Alternative to [Competitor brand name]
  • [Competitor brand name #1] vs [Competitor brand name #2]
  • [Industry]+ [statistics]
  • How to Buy + [product] Guide
seo content example for startups
seo guest post example

Backlink Building for Startups

We help your startup build links to increase both your online authority and raise awareness of your existence in your industry and the startup community by offering thought leadership and content. This is a very manual process which involves:

  • Ideation of possible topics your Startup could be discussing and providing thought leadership on;
  • Manually prospecting for relevant websites in your industry and in the startup community;
  • Pitching content ideas to website owners/editors;
  • Writing contributor content, with your approval and edits; and
  • Getting content published with links back to your website.

Other SEO tasks we provide as part of your campaign include:

  • Keyword Research
  • Technical SEO review
  • Content Audit
  • Local SEO and GMB Optimisation (if applicable)
  • SEO foundations setup
  • Monthly reporting & transparency of tasks completed during the month

Want to talk SEO?

Organise a free consultation where we can look at your exact SEO rankings today & discuss the SEO campaign it will take to improve your ranking in Google. Live over the phone. No rubbish automated reports 🙂 Speak with a real SEO specialist. 


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