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Businesses today need to have an online presence and having a website is the best way for Adelaide business owners to reach a bigger target market. A Website design involves a process of planning, conceptualizing and building elements of a website that includes structure, image layout, graphics, font, user friendly navigation.
Web design is different from web development, which is the actual coding that makes a website work. When you’re building a website, you need both web design and web development.

Why is website design important for Adelaide businesses

Brands’ first impression matters the most across Adelaide locals and a website with a good website design can help keep a customer on the website longer. Every potential customer will search the web for a brand and if the brand does not have a well designed website or has a broken website, it’s an opportunity lost. A good website design Adelaide businesses need requires a well thought out layout and user-friendly design to help nurture leads and conversions.

A good website design Adelaide can appreciate creates an experience for the visitors and helps them navigate to the right products or services like the one below.

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Key elements a good website design Adelaide businesses need


Navigation & Layout

A website’s overall look and feel is web design, a well structured layout with logical navigation through the eyes of a customer is key to retaining them. Each page is carefully mapped out based on client feedback and our inhouse website design experts. A good layout will have the website placed according to a visual hierarchy and be able add elements that the brand represents at the right places.

User-friendly design

When designing your website, your audience and customers should be at the forefront of your mind. The search engine rankings are a huge factor that is influenced by a user-friendly design. The more users leave the website the more likely search engines would penalise the website’s overall ranking.

To avoid your rankings from dropping a page layout should have
Clear Navigation from the home page
Search query option
A neat design
Form to generate leads.

A strong Color palette

The color palette and fonts are more important that you think and influence visitors opinion on the overall website. A good color scheme is important for modern web design and helps create cohesiveness between everything your brand stands for.
Minimum elements are important for a new website and gives the website a more aesthetically pleasing look. Too many colors can become distracting for the user and modern website designs opt for only two or at the most three in their major design elements.

Mobile responsive

Most online consumers use their mobile devices to skim through different websites more transactions are happening on them rather than the traditional laptop or desktops. Businesses with a website need to ensure the website is a responsive website. A mobile responsive website design creates a dynamic appearance of a website depending on the screen size and orientation of the device being used to view it.

Responsiveness doesn’t just end with mobile and desktops either; anything that connects to the internet, including tablets, also needs to be considered. A responsive website keeps your audience more engaged with a greater opportunity to do business with your brand.



Visitors on a website want information quickly and with the right content and a strong typography capable of delivering top-notch content. Information should be easy to find and users should be able to navigate to the right content with fewer clicks as possible. Appropriate use of Headings with the right font size in a well organized structure helps in communicating the message effectively, given the short attention span of people.

High quality images & Plenty of White Space

Visuals matter. A good website design Adelaide business should have is Aesthetically pleasing imagery, ample of white space that can guide your eyes throughout the website.

Website designs with white spaces elements are very attractive and don’t always have to be white but more empty. The empty space acts as a buffer between different elements of the website. A good design with these factors make the experience more digestible and organised through the eyes of the users.

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