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Need Help Maintaining Your WordPress Website? Our WordPress Professionals Have You Covered!

Get Your Website Professionally Maintained By Melbourne Based WordPress Developers

We’re a website development agency in Melbourne that can not only deliver your business a powerful website design, but we can also take care of your ongoing website maintenance!

Whether you lack the time or confidence to keep your website well maintained & secure, you can let Digital Treasury professionally manage your website assets.

We can take care of all the necessary WordPress updates to keep your website secure, make fixes to small problems, fine tune your websites performance, monitor the security, provide backups, manage website recover in the event of a hacking and provide you with regular reporting. 

If your business would like Digital Treasury to manage your WordPress website, please call (03) 8510 8202 to have a chat about which plan would suit your company. 

WordPress support plans

Manage & Maintain WordPress Updates

We can update all of your plugins, themes and WordPress core updates to keep your website secure so you can focus on running your business.

Fix Small Problems & Make Changes

Want to change some out of date text within an article? An image doesn’t quite look right? Let us fix it for you.

Fine Tune Your Website Performance

Has your WordPress website started to run slowly? We can identify the problem and implement a fix to keep your site running fast!


Security Monitoring & Reporting

We scan your website to make sure it is clean and monitor your website uptime to get it back online before anybody notices. And keep you informed with reporting.

Choose your plan!

Not sure which maintenance plan your business needs? 
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*Unlimited tasks only includes 30min WordPress Development tasks. For example, this would NOT include the development of an ecommerce platform, membership site, learning management system etc. 

Our WordPress Maintenance
Service Features


Plugin, Themes & Core Updates

It is important that you install new WordPress Core, Theme and Plugin Updates when they become available. Updates are typically realesed by publishers to address security vulnerabilities or version compatability issues. Or to provide new features.


WordPress Development Support

Your menu items don’t quite look right? Can’t quite get the right image dimensions? Let our WordPress developers support your website and make 30min fixes to your website.


Cloud Backup

Secured offsite storage is important to give you peace of mind that your website won’t be lost if something catastrophic happens. When you have a cloud backup, you can quickly roll-back to the saved version and get you back online quickly.


Performance Checks

Get insights on what’s happening with your website speed performance and the key optimisation issues that need to be addressed. Page speed is a critical factor in Google’s ranking algorith and can kill user experience. 


Hack Recovery

In the unlikely event that your website gets hacked, we swing into gear and recovery your website from the backup, to get you back up and running ASAP. 


Website Strategy Calls

On a monthly call with our website strategy specialist, we will check in to see how the strategy we devised for you is tracking against the metrics you set to ensure your website is delivering your strategic objectives. 


Uptime Monitoring

Finding out from a customer that your website is down can be embarrassing! We’ll get alerted as soon as you website is down, so we can assist you using your support time to get you back up and running. 


Security Scans

Secured offsite storage is important to give you peace of mind that your website won’t be lost if something catastrophic happens. When you have a cloud backup, you can quickly roll-back to the saved version and get you back online quickly.


Maintenance Reporting

Get a montly report telling you exactly what we’ve done on your website to ensure it remains up to date, secure and high performing. You can also get the rankings of your main SEO keywords tracked. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need to Update my WordPress Themes, Plugins & Core?

Yes!! Updating your WordPress plugins, themes & core will increase your website security, fix bugs and give you additional plugin features.

Website applications like WordPress need to be patched with updates to protect your from vulnerabilities and strengthen you against potential attacks. This reduces the risk of your website being hacked.

Updates also often fix issues or bugs that have been found in previous plugin, themes and core versions…so to get the fix implemented, you need to install the updates!

Also, publishers of plugins and themes are constantly trying to improve their product, so updates often contain new features that you can use to run your website.

What is Digital Treasury's WordPress Maintenance Support?

It’s a subscription-based service, that provides ongoing updates of your WordPress installation database as well as providing fixes for WordPress relates issues that come up from time to time.

What are the benefits of outsourcing WordPress Maintenance?

 You will get peace of mind know that you have professional website developers handling your WordPress updates and that they’re there to help you when you need assistance. 

This can save business owners a lot of time and can even reduce the stress of staying on top of your website. 

What if I have more questions?

You can call us on (03) 8510 8202 to discuss any more questions you may have about our Melbourne based WordPress maintenance services. 

Ready to Get a Your Business Website Professionally Maintained?