Are you looking for the best cheap website builder in 2023? Then keep reading to find out the top 10 website builders on the market today. 

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Cheap Website Builders 2022 Price a Month 
WordPress.orgFree software + additional costs depending on the price of the chosen hosting account
WeeblyFree – $26 AUD
WebnoteFree – $31.07 AUD ($22.90 USD converted at 0.74)
JimdoFree – $39 AUD
Hubspot Marketing HubFree – $3,200 AUD
Wix$14 AUD – $39 AUD
Squarespace$16 AUD – $52 AUD
Duda$19 AUD – $59 AUD
  1. $20.35 AUD – $61.06 AUD ($15 USD – $45 USD converted at 0.74)
  2. $56.98 AUD – $318.84 ($42 USD – $235 USD converted at 0.74)
Shopify$26 AUD – $266 AUD

You may also want to read our article on advantages and disadvantages of Websites. has been one of the most commonly used website builders in the last couple of years. is an open-source software and is one of the largest content management systems on the market. Offering various different templates and plugins, most notably the WooCommerce plugin, also gives you the flexibility to change anything you like, although this does require a knowledge of code. The best part software is completely free, however, it will require a paid hosting account to link to the software. The prices will vary depending on which hosting account you choose:

  • VentraIP: $5 AUD a month


Squarespace is known for its clean cut designs, ease of use and aesthetic appeal. Having built-in SEO tools and integrated features, as well as Analytics plugins that help you track the performance of your website, Squarespace is the perfect option to build your brand new website. There are four Squarespace plans available:

  • Personal: $16 AUD a month
  • Business: $25 AUD a month
  • Basic Commerce $34 AUD a month
  • Advanced Commerce: $52 AUD a month

A little more expensive compared to WordPress, however, due to its user-friendly Content Management System, you are able to build a beautiful website from hundreds of templates and style edits without a single line of code.


Wix is one of the most popular cheap website builders on the market. Similar to Squarespace, Wix allows you to build a brand new website from multiple templates available and customise it pretty much any way you want. Additionally, there are a ton of features available from email marketing, newsletter subscriptions and forums that can be added to your site at any point. There are four Wix plans available:

  • Combo: $14 AUD a month
  • Unlimited: $18 AUD a month
  • Business Basic: $23 AUD a month
  • VIP: $39 AUD a month

The downside, Wix does not allow you to build very complex website structures and offer very limited storage space depending on the plan – the cheapest Combo only permits 3GB worth of storage.


Shopify is an ecommerce platform, allowing beginners to create their own online store without any preexisting knowledge of coding and advanced web development. Even the cheapest basic plan allows you to sell unlimited products and features multiple components such as gift cards and abandoned cart recovery. More advanced plans may not exactly be your first option if you’re looking for cheap website builders, although they do provide the luxury of advanced reports, international pricing and automatically calculated shipping rates.

  • Basic Shopify: $26 AUD a month
  • Shopify: $71 AUD a month
  • Advanced Shopify: $266 AUD a month


Weebly is often considered to be one of the easiest website builders on the market. Despite its ease of use, Weebly is still able to support larger websites thanks to the layout of their content management system. Weebly themes are simple and stylish with customisable templates and great mobile responsiveness. Lastly, it features powerful SEO tools as well as SEO guides to get your website up and running in no time!

In terms of pricing, Weebly is technically 100% free to build and publish without any time limits or hidden costs. However, it presents you with limited 500GB worth of storage space only, displayed adverts on your site and inability to use custom domain. Alternatively Weebly offers the following plans:

  • Personal: $6 AUD a month
  • Professional: $15 AUD a month
  • Performance: $46 AUD a month

Hubspot Marketing Hub

Hubspot Marketing Hub integrates email marketing, customer relationship management, and campaign automation. Offering a wide range of customisation features, making it perfect for both small and large businesses.

In terms of pricing, Hubspot Marketing Hub offers a free plan as well as 3 alternative paid plans:

  • Starter: $50 AUD – $280 AUD a month
  • Professional: $800 AUD a month
  • Enterprise: $3,200 AUD a month


Wednode, also highly known for its drag and drop editor features, allows you to customise and edit your website with complete ease. Offering multiple options for templates and SEO features, Webode also provides you with a free plan to test out the waters. However, there are also different Webnode plans available:

  • Limited: $5.29 AUD a month (3.90 USD converted at 0.74)
  • Mini: $10.18 AUD a month (7.50 USD converted at 0.74)
  • Standard: $17.50 AUD a month (12.90 converted at 0.74)
  • Profit: $31.07 AUD (22.90 USD converted at 0.74)


Jimdo is the fastest way to create a small business site and is one the top cheap website builders due to offering a free plan option. Despite not having as many templates and themes available as Wix and Weebly, Jimdo is ideal for small businesses allowing you to create a free website in minutes without compromising fast loading speed and both mobile and desktop responsiveness. Should you want a larger website without any storage limits, Jimdo offers the following plans:

  • Start: $9 AUD a month
  • Grow: $15 AUD a month
  • Unlimited: $39 AUD a month


Duda is another option for cheap website builders, highly ranked for its simplicity and ease of use. Duda lets you get your site up and running without requiring any previous design or technical expertise. Offering a 14 day free trial, Duda offers the following plans:

  • Basic: $19 AUD a month
  • Team: $29 AUD a month
  • Agency: $59 AUD a month

Duda also allows you to add Ecommerce add ons at an additional cost:

  • Standard: $8 AUD a month
  • Medium: $19.25 AUD a month
  • Top-End: $49 AUD a month


Webflow is ideal for designers and more advanced web developers to create their own website but with more design freedom and flexibility compared to the ones offered by Weebly and Squarespace. Webflow allows you to have full control to design and build your website from scratch and make changes and adjustments directly without requiring any separate plugins. In terms of pricing, Webflow offers separate plan options depending on your website needs:

Site Plans are more tailored towards personal use, blogs and business sites:

  • Basic: $20.35 AUD a month (15 USD converted at 0.74)
  • CMS: $27.14 AUD a month (20 USD converted at 0.74)
  • Business: $61.05 AUD a month ($45 USD converted at 0.74)

ECommerce Plans are more advanced and targeted towards online stores:

  • Standard: $56.98 AUD a month (42 USD converted at 0.74)
  • Plus: $113.97 AUD a month (84 USD converted at 0.74)
  • Advanced: $318.84 AUD a month (235 USD converted at 0.74)