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Being an Entrepreneur will always have its challenges either it’s a business strategy, go-to-market strategy, or the overall branding. A good website design for startups can either be a stepping stone to greater things or send you back to the drawing board.

A startup will always gain attention for its brand identity but being able to match that buzz with a good website design is important. A website is the first point of contact for any potential customer in the digital age. Either you build a website on your own with existing themes available or go with a custom website design with a web design agency.

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Here are essentials tips Website design for Startups need to consider

  • Design a Strategy

The entrepreneurial journey is a rollercoaster with many different challenges and filled with alot of enthusiasm. A website design needs to be a thorough process and a design strategy is important before diving into designing a website.

  1. What is the type of target audience you expect to attract?
  2. What brand elements are important that need to be included?
  3. What Important features that need to be highlighted?
  4. What tone of voice and messaging that a brand needs to convey through the website?

These are the kind of questions that need to be addressed that form a design strategy prior to designing a website for startups. Being able to map out the entire customer journey and having a brand personality is an important part for an entrepreneur to consider.

  • Engaging and Adaptive Content

Engaging content that solves customer problems tends to attract more traffic but at the same time both long and short type content is important. Long form content is important from an SEO perspective and short form content like bullet points, GIFs videos to capture the attention is needed. Human attention span is low.

The Age of mobile devices is upon us and your content needs to adapt to mobile devices to be able to convert better with a better layout and engaging content.

  • Keep it Simple

Over complicating a website design for startups is a reason why many entrepreneurs need to reevaluate their strategy. A simple yet effective web design will go a long way with faster loading time and a better User experience.

[An example of a Website design or client testimonial]

Too much content to overwhelm the visitors is definitely bad and leads to higher bounce rate from the website. A primary and secondary color for the website is a good option to go for. And a two column layout will be a good way of keeping it simple. The right color palette selection depending on the brand and the client is crucial to a simple yet elegant website design for startups.

  • Think Long Term

Mapping out the customer journey is important to be able to understand where the visitor would lead to after entering the website. Visualising what issues a visitor might face in the website walkthrough is important to understand the gaps and solving those gaps.

Touchscreen- friendly interface, Mobile-friendly Call to action buttons, Linking new pages correctly are some of the things you should begin to develop possible solutions for.

  • Mobile Responsive Web Design

Websites in general need to be responsive to different screen size resolutions either a tablet, mobile or a desktop. More and more users have switched to mobile devices hence startups need to have a responsive mobile website designed for better. The navigation, responsive images, fluid layout and the ability to move from one page to another with ease through a mobile device, these factors should be addressed before a website is launched rather than after. A proactive approach is better for startups than a reactive one.

  • SEO friendly web design

Startups are often working on other aspects of the business and while building a website don’t always have a website design with SEO compliance. SEO is an essential element when designing a website for startups. And to be able to rank well for keywords, having SEO functionality is necessary for long term organic growth and to generate traffic. Hiring the best SEO service agency should be a priority while designing a website for startups.

  • Website Testing

When web development is taking place ensuring beta testing of the website for startups is done to address any errors that might otherwise be hidden. Website testing is crucial to understand what functionality can work and is good for the overall business and its end-user.

  • Structure & Navigation

Visitors on the website should be able to find what they are looking for within the first 30 seconds of glancing at the website. A well thought out Navigation with a structured menu is an important and clear call to action buttons for visitors to take action after reading through the website. A well structured website is very similar to a map, you should be able to know where to go and how to navigate through returning back to where you started.

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A well thought out website design for startups will not only boost conversions and increase visitors but also help your brand become more recognisable with more customers repeating their purchase.

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