WordPress Maintenance Services

Stop Worrying About Your WordPress Website! Let Us Maintain Your Website For You!

Our professional website maintenance services take the hassle out of managing your WordPress site.

WordPress plugins should be maintained regularly

You Don’t Have Time to Keep Your WordPress Website Up to Date & Secure!

Let’s face it, you have hundreds of important tasks each month to complete in your business. With your website becoming a big part of your marketing plan, it is important that your website is functioning and maintained.

That’s where we can help to maintain and manage your WordPress website for you. From basic content editing when you need it to important security updates, we’ve got you covered.

Let us handle the maintenance, so you can focus on what matters most – the growth and success of your business. Our commitment is to keep your WordPress website up to date, secure, and running smoothly, allowing you to make the most of your online presence without the hassle of day-to-day technical management.

Here’s What’s Included

Australian Based Phone & Email Support: get website support from our Australian based team when you need it, via email or phone. With our Australian-Based Phone & Email Support, you’re not just a client; you’re a valued partner, and we are here to help you succeed in the digital realm.

60mins Website Support (Monthly): Get 60mins of professional website support. Whether its content editing, publishing blog posts or providing you with help when you’re stuck!

✅ Daily Cloud Backup: protect your website in case anything bad happens or your website hosting fails. This ensures that your website’s data, files, and configurations are regularly and automatically stored in secure off-site cloud servers. 

✅ Plugin, Theme & Core Updates (Monthly): keep your plugins, themes & core up to date safety with our process and unlock the latest WordPress performance and security improvements. Avoid breaking your site when plugins conflict!

Hacking Recovery: we’ll recover your website in the event that your website is hacked at no extra charge. This gives you a peace of mind for the potential aftermath of a security breach.

Uptime Monitoring: we track your website to make sure it is live at all times. If it goes down, we’ll work with you to get it back up and running!

Security Monitoring: we’ll monitor your website for malware and known vulnerabilities. Constant surveillance is maintained to detect the presence of malware and identify known vulnerabilities that could compromise the security of your website.

Performance Check: slow websites can hurt your business. We check the loading speed of your website each day to make sure it is performing at its best.

SEO Rank Tracking: track ranking changes for important keywords to your business. This allows you to stay ahead of the curve, promptly addressing any declines in keyword rankings and leveraging opportunities for improvement.

Monthly Reporting: You can expect to receive a clear overview of updates, security measures, performance optimizations, content changes, and any other relevant activities undertaken to enhance the overall health and functionality of your WordPress websites. Get a detailed monthly report telling you exactly what we’ve done on your website. Complete transparency.


Choose your plan!

Choose the plan that aligns with your priorities and budget, and let us take care of the rest. Here are our featured plans:

Not sure which maintenance plan your business needs? 
Call 03 8510 8202 to speak to a website specialist.

*60 minutes WordPress website support would NOT include the development of an ecommerce platform, membership site, learning management system etc. 

Buy 12 months, get 1 month FREE!

Manage & Maintain WordPress Updates

We can update all of your plugins, themes and WordPress core updates to keep your website secure so you can focus on running your business. With our seamless update process, you can trust that your website remains current with the latest features and security patches, reducing the risk of potential issues or security breaches.

Fix Small Problems & Make Changes

Want to change some out of date text within an article? An image doesn’t quite look right? Let us fix it for you. Whether it’s a simple text revision or a more intricate adjustment to visual elements, we have the expertise to handle it efficiently. You can rely on us to maintain the overall integrity of your content and ensure a seamless user experience for your audience.

Fine Tune Your Website Performance

Has your WordPress website started to run slowly? We can identify the problem and implement a fix to keep your site running fast!By optimizing your website’s performance, we can ensure a seamless user experience. If you’ve noticed a decline in speed, it’s crucial to take proactive measures.


Security Monitoring & Reporting

We scan your website to make sure it is clean and monitor your website uptime to get it back online before anybody notices. And keep you informed with reporting.

Get Your Website Professionally Maintained By Melbourne Based WordPress Developers

We’re a website development agency in Melbourne that can not only deliver your business a powerful website design, but we can also take care of your ongoing website maintenance!

Whether you lack the time or confidence to keep your website well maintained & secure, you can let Digital Treasury professionally manage your website assets.

We can take care of all the necessary WordPress updates to keep your website secure, make fixes to small problems, fine tune your websites performance, monitor the security, provide backups, manage website recover in the event of a hacking and provide you with regular reporting. 

If your business would like Digital Treasury to manage your WordPress website, please call (03) 8510 8202 to have a chat about which plan would suit your company. 

WordPress support plans
We can maintain your WordPress website for you – Please contact us for more information, specifications and pricing.

WordPress Maintenance FAQs

Do I Need to Update my WordPress Themes, Plugins & Core?

Yes!! Updating your WordPress plugins, themes & core will increase your website security, fix bugs and give you additional plugin features.

Website applications like WordPress need to be patched with updates to protect your from vulnerabilities and strengthen you against potential attacks. This reduces the risk of your website being hacked.

Updates also often fix issues or bugs that have been found in previous plugin, themes and core versions…so to get the fix implemented, you need to install the updates!

Also, publishers of plugins and themes are constantly trying to improve their product, so updates often contain new features that you can use to run your website.

What is Digital Treasury's WordPress Maintenance Support?

It’s a subscription-based service, that provides ongoing updates of your WordPress installation database as well as providing fixes for WordPress relates issues that come up from time to time.

What are the benefits of outsourcing WordPress Maintenance?

 You will get peace of mind know that you have professional website developers handling your WordPress updates and that they’re there to help you when you need assistance. 

This can save business owners a lot of time and can even reduce the stress of staying on top of your website. 

What if I have more questions?

You can call us on (03) 8510 8202 to discuss any more questions you may have about our Melbourne based WordPress maintenance services. 

What does WordPress maintenance services include?
WordPress maintenance services usually include a range of different tasks. Tasks like backup for your website, password changes, optimizing WordPress Database, running performance tests.
Why should you choose our WordPress maintenance services?
We’ve been working with WordPress websites for a long time and have gained a reputation for solving complex problems. Our WordPress maintenance services include reasonable, transparent costs with strategy calls as well depending on the WordPress maintenance service plan you decide to take.
Are WordPress maintenance services required to be done?
A WordPress website requires regular checkups. Website maintenance services might not be as popular as it might come across as obvious, however many WordPress websites don’t have regular maintenance done which can lead to websites not responding and becoming slow over time. Website maintenance services offered should be looked at as an investment more than a cost for website owners.
How often should you perform WordPress maintenance tasks?
A website that has a lot of traffic with regular visitors and products updated should consider getting website maintenance services for their WordPress website every 3 months at best. A website that has lower traffic and is small in terms of products/services offered should probably get WordPress maintenance services done every six months.
Why should you trust us with WordPress maintenance service?
For starters we have been working on wordpress websites for years and have the right expertise to understand different complexities when it comes to website maintenance service or any issues with a wordpress website. You could look at what our clients have to say about our website maintenance service and other services like SEO and Website Design as well.
How do I do website maintenance on WordPress?
There are steps that need to be followed before we begin to dwell on website maintenance service. However if that’s unfamiliar territory for you, the better option would be to work with experienced WordPress experts like us when it comes to WordPress maintenance service. Our WordPress maintenance services include hack recovery, security checks, maintenance reporting and more which can help keep track of your website.
How hard is WordPress maintenance?
Creating a brand new WordPress website is the easy bit, but maintaining the website is the hardest part. WordPress maintenance service can cover many different aspects, different plans are offered depending on the size and complexity of the WordPress website.
What are the support hours?
For WordPress maintenance service we provide support Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm. But in case there are emergencies you could write to us at hello@digitaltreasury.com.au or Call us (03) 8510 8202 regarding any queries on WordPress maintenance services we offer.
How much does WordPress Maintenance services cost?
WordPress maintenance services cost can vary depending on the agency/professional you hire. Many hidden costs can lead to website maintenance services becoming very expensive and going over budget. We at Digital Treasury have fixed website maintenance service plans. Our plans include Starter plan, Business Plan and Professional Plan for different WordPress maintenance services.
What are some website maintenance service tasks that need to be done regularly?
Checking website page speed is very important. Ensuring wordpress themes and plugins are updated this is normally not looked at frequently. Website security should be the top priority when talking about website maintenance services. Daily backup and cleaning junk files should also be done as part of the tasks for wordpress maintenance services.
What if you don’t want to take any WordPress maintenance service packages?
If you do need help but do not want to take any of the WordPress maintenance service plans you could book a consultation by contacting us.
What if I have more than one WordPress website ?
The WordPress packages for website maintenance services cover a single website and depending on the size of the website we could have a discussion on what type of plan suits you the best.
Does the package include writing blog articles
No. Our website maintenance service does not include writing blogs or any kind of content. However if you think you might need content writing services we could help you with that at an additional cost.
Do you offer bulk discounts for website maintenance service?

We offer discounts of 1 month free if you pay 12 months in advance. We value our clients and can surely find ways to accommodate website maintenance services for our clients. We would love to chat with you to know more . call us on (03) 8510 8202.

What If I want to cancel my WordPress maintenance service plan?
You can contact us at any time if you have any concerns regarding the WordPress maintenance service plans or email us at hello@digitaltreasury.com.au.

Our WordPress Maintenance
Service Features

Our WordPress Maintenance Service goes beyond the basics to provide a comprehensive suite of features aimed at ensuring the optimal performance, security, and reliability of your website.

Here’s an overview of our key service features:


Plugin, Themes & Core Updates

It is important that you install new WordPress Core, Theme and Plugin Updates when they become available. Updates are typically realesed by publishers to address security vulnerabilities or version compatability issues. Or to provide new features.


WordPress Development Support

Your menu items don’t quite look right? Can’t quite get the right image dimensions? Let our WordPress developers support your website and make 30min fixes to your website.


Cloud Backup

Secured offsite storage is important to give you peace of mind that your website won’t be lost if something catastrophic happens. When you have a cloud backup, you can quickly roll-back to the saved version and get you back online quickly.


Performance Checks

Get insights on what’s happening with your website speed performance and the key optimisation issues that need to be addressed. Page speed is a critical factor in Google’s ranking algorith and can kill user experience. 


Hack Recovery

In the unlikely event that your website gets hacked, we swing into gear and recovery your website from the backup, to get you back up and running ASAP. 


Website Strategy Calls

On a monthly call with our website strategy specialist, we will check in to see how the strategy we devised for you is tracking against the metrics you set to ensure your website is delivering your strategic objectives. 


Uptime Monitoring

Finding out from a customer that your website is down can be embarrassing! We’ll get alerted as soon as you website is down, so we can assist you using your support time to get you back up and running. 


Security Scans

Secured offsite storage is important to give you peace of mind that your website won’t be lost if something catastrophic happens. When you have a cloud backup, you can quickly roll-back to the saved version and get you back online quickly.


Maintenance Reporting

Get a montly report telling you exactly what we’ve done on your website to ensure it remains up to date, secure and high performing. You can also get the rankings of your main SEO keywords tracked.