SEO for IT Companies

Why do IT Companies Need to Implement Search Engine Optimisation?

IT companies are responsible for tasks like installing:

  • computer software;
  • hardware;
  • networks;
  • systems;
  • printers; and
  • scanners.

Additionally, they also maintain and monitor computer systems and networks and provide technical support over the phone or in-person to any request or issue promptly.

Unlike the past, where only a handful of IT supports companies existed, today, hundreds of companies that provide IT support services have emerged. This has led to increased competition and as a result, most IT support companies have been forced to think outside the box to make their business visible to their target audience.

About two decades ago, most IT support companies relied heavily on print and electronic media to market their services. However, things have changed. Today most businesses and individuals seeking IT support services rely on search engines. The best way to increase the chances of making your IT support business visible on the search engine is through search engine optimisation (SEO).

So, what exactly is SEO? 

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What is SEO?

SEO simply means practices meant to improve your site’s performance on organic search results. The main goal of SEO to ensure that your website pages rank on top of the search engine results page (SERP) of a top search engine like Google.

SEO comprises many components, including content marketing, keyword, and keyword optimisation, on-page SEO, link building, and much more. A website that is not visible on the search engine is as good as dead.

With competition getting harder in the IT industry, SEO has emerged as the top and the most effective way to reach out to the target audience.

4 reasons why IT support companies need to use SEO

  • Organic search is the primary source of website traffic.

    A recent study showed that 81% of people search for products or services first on organic search. This clearly shows that consumers trust organic search engines more than any other platform. One of the main goals of SEO is to improve your website ranking on the search engine, and in this case, we mean Google because it holds the most substantial portion of the search market. Studies show 75% of people don’t go past the first page results, so ranking on the first page is very important. The fact that a vast majority of people use organic search to search for products and services means that it can help increase your IT support company visibility. Increased website visibility will, in turn, increase website traffic.

  • SEO delivers higher ROI

    SEO not only focuses on ranking your website on top of the search engine, but it also ensures that it ranks on the most relevant keywords to drive people who are ready to take action. SEO has a higher conversation rate compared to other forms of marketing because it focuses on target marketing. Most people who will visit your website will be ready to strike a deal with your IT support company resulting in higher ROI.

  • It builds brand credibility.

    One of the most significant challenges that most companies in the IT support industry face is building brand credibility. When you invest in SEO, you will not only get a higher ranking on the search engine, but you will also build your brand credibility. The search engine usually ranks websites based on the value that they offer to users. Therefore, if your website ranks on top of the search engine, it means that your website is useful and credible. Web-users trust organic search results more than paid results because they provide more value. SEO focuses on many things, including content creation, quality link building, and keyword research, all of which help improve user experience, thus building your brand credibility.

  • SEO is long term

    SEO is the only form of marketing that is long term. It is not a one-time thing, as it is the case with other types of marketing. Once your website ranks on top of the search engine result page, it will stay there for a long time. It is, therefore, ideal for IT support companies that want long term visibility. You don’t have to keep investing to make your website visible as it is the case with paid ads. This is important because it helps lower marketing costs, which consumes a huge chunk of the company’s profits. Linking your site with other relevant and authoritative sites will make your sites valuable and more relevant. However, you should only link to websites relevant to your niche and offer tremendous value to your visitors. When it comes to link building, quality is always better than quantity. 

Three important SEO tips for IT support companies

  1. Write for humans not search engines

    The biggest mistake that most IT support companies make when creating content is focusing so much on search engines as opposed to the reader. When creating content, you need to focus on the reader first, not search engine. Avoid using keywords that don’t make sense just to beat the system. Instead, create content that your readers will enjoy reading from the start to the end. This way, visitors will keep coming to your website and even make the content go viral by sharing it with their friends. If you write for the search engine, users will avoid your site, which will eventually dent your ranking because of a high bounce rate.

  2. Improve your website speed
    Site speed is a crucial factor that you should not overlook. Major search engines like Google consider site speed when ranking because it is a sign of better-on-page user experience. If your website pages take more than 3 seconds to load, more than half of users will move to a competing website. A slow page can frustrate your target clients and ultimately discourage them from seeking service that your company provides.
  3. Link your website with other authority sites
    Link building remains a crucial strategy for search engine optimisation. Linking your site with other relevant and authoritative sites will make your sites valuable and more relevant. However, you should only link to websites relevant to your niche and offer tremendous value to your visitors. When it comes to link building, quality is always better than quantity.