When setting up your WordPress account, you can either choose shared hosting or a dedicated WordPress hosting. With shared hosting, you only have access to basic features that require that you share resources with other accounts. This leaves you with limited access to your server-level settings although it is less expensive. But why settle for average when you can get a premium? WordPress comes with many benefits (and we can help with our WordPress maintenance services), so why not get the most out of it for your business?

Dedicated hosting offers you singular occupancy to an entire server within your host’s network. This way, you gain access to run your website in whatever way you please and you can even install any software on it. When you choose this type of hosting, your provider would help maintain your site, however, you would have total control over the setup and its runnings.

There are primarily two categories of dedicated WordPress hosting. You can either settle for the managed dedicated hosting where you can make a few choices on your server but all other tasks would be handled by your host provider. With unmanaged dedicated hosting, you would require more technical expertise and knowledge to customise every single aspect of the website.

Is It Still Worth The Hype In 2023?

Dedicated WP hosting has enormous benefits that you can access for a price. Even in 2023, this type of hosting distinguishes itself by keeping your website safe and highly functional. Here are a few benefits you get to enjoy:

  • Security

With dedicated web hosting, you need not worry about viruses or exposure to malware. It offers you a sure guarantee of safety for your website by eliminating the regular issues that arise with shared hosting. You can install any type of protection for your site to safeguard sensitive data.

  • Scalability

Although your host company would offer you all the support needed for your site, choosing a dedicated WordPress hosting helps you scale the website effectively. This is because it offers access to functions and features that you need for your site growth.

  • Flexibility

A dedicated WP hosting offers you the liberty to choose how to do whatever you want for your site. This can be a bit tricky because it requires that you know the appropriate features to settle for and the relevant functions that it offers your site.

However, we must warn you of the major downside of using dedicated WordPress hosting – it is expensive. You can spend hundreds of dollars annually on your site to get this type of hosting. Before you settle for this, make sure it isn’t too much of a financial burden on you. Once you’ve settled that, you must get the best hosting providers.

What Are The Top Providers In 2023?

While there are numerous providers that you can choose from, we will advise you to settle for first-class providers only. These are the providers you will find below:

  • WP Engine

There is a wide range of options that you can access using the WP engine. Their dedicated hosting plans are built for each client. It has custom-built plans that are uniquely structured for your specific needs. You can also run your tests by leveraging the developer environment that this provider offers.

Also, it offers you a managed hosting that ensures that all the technical tasks are handled by their chosen professionals. If you have limited time at your disposal and you need to manage a huge site, this is the perfect option for you. I mean why waste time when you can have others do it for you?
WP Engine has an active and highly responsive customer service that offers you support round the clock. However, this hosting provider does not have a specific price that it would cost you. Based on the add-ons and resources that you choose, the WP engine would charge you.

  • InMotion Hosting

InMotion hosting offers you access to various plans. If you want to start with a cheaper plan and then change as your site grows, this is a good option. This hosting company gives you access to a free Solid-State Drive (SSD) on all plans which is used for flashback memory. Also, you get upgrades that cause no downtime or need reboots for proper functioning.

For times when you would have intensive data workloads, InMotion hosting has an Optional Ulta Stack upgrade to support you. The plans you access on InMotion Hosting are affordable and their low price rate gives you control within your budget.
With as low as $140 you can access a package on InMotion Hosting. With this plan, you can access 16 GB RAM, 5 IPs and 15 TB data transfer. You can also get custom plans with this hosting company.

  • Kinsta

Kinsta runs a slightly distinct dedicated server. You would have to first have a hosting plan with disk space and many visits before you can get the dedicated plan. If you decide to use Kinsta, you would have to be a little patient.

Also, Kinsta has daily backups, firewalls and frequent uptime checks and firewalls. All your information would be kept safe and secure with all of these features. It uses PHP technology that tracks your website checking for possible issues that can pose a threat.

The interface of this hosting provider is friendly and easy to use. It has add-on plans that assist you in getting familiar with the interface. Kinsta runs a pricing system that varies based on various factors. The quote is one you can access by contacting a sales staff for it.


Dedicated WP hosting is highly beneficial for your website if you can identify whether you truly need it. It demands money, time and other resources for you to run it even when you settle for the most exceptional server.

If you have to deal with high traffic or security compliance issues, then getting a separate server would work well for you. However, if you have none of these needs, it is best to settle for shared hosting that would cost you less money.

Furthermore, we will advise you to get the most convenient dedicated WordPress hosting plan that you can afford. You must determine whether you have the luxury of time to run it all by yourself. And, if you don’t have the time, you can engage professionals like Digital Treasury to do the job for you.

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