Local Government & Government Website Design Services

 Every Council or Local Government Area (LGA) needs to have quality websites that help deliver both information & services to the community.

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How Do We Manage Your Website Design Project?

We implement agile design process to ensure your website is delivered exactly to scope. We manage our website design process with the following steps:

  • Website Strategy & Onboarding
  • Wireframes
  • Design Mock-ups
  • Development & Coding 
  • Testing
  • Launch

Need Help Writing a Brief for Your Council’s Website Design Project?

We can help you develop a brief for your website development project.

In this phase we help you determine the answers to the following questions, to make sure your product gets off on the right foot and achieves the end result your council needs:

✅ Why are you building the website? (Business Goals)

✅ What is this website for? (Purpose)

✅ Who are the people that will use the website? (Demographic/Target Customers/Audience)

✅ Why do your customers/audience need this website? (Customer Needs)

✅ What can users do on the website? (Functionality)

✅ How many pages do you need designed & built? (Pages)

Common Challenges With Local Government Website Design Projects We Can Help You Overcome:

  • Website needs to be simple and easy to use; 
  • Cater to website users of all age groups and technical capabilities; 
  • Comply with strict Council brand guidelines covering logo & colour application; 
  • Easy for browsers to find the information they need;
  • Integrate with third party applications; 
  • Adhere to information policies

Our Government Related Website Work

Case Study: Brimbank Business Link

Council: Brimbank City Council


  • Designed in accordance with council’s brand & style guide
  • Custom design 
  • 2 Phase approach to implementation
  • Events integrations
council website design example

Case Study: Ignite Startups Program

Council: Banyule Council


  • Rapid implementation to meet strict deadlines
  • Mobile responsive
  • Designed to interest “startup community”

Case Study: iHarvest Coworking Space Sunshine

Council: Brimbank City Council


  • Rapid development to coincide with launch
  • Mobile responsive
  • Events integration
  • Meeting booking integration
  • Contact forms
  • Google Analytics setup
government website case study

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