If you have consulted an expert in search engine optimisation, or even attempted it yourself for your website and business, chances are you’ve come across the term “SEO rank tracking software”. It’s an important part of any SEO specialist’s toolbox, alongside any SEO tools and chrome extensions.

But what is SEO rank tracking software? What even is SEO rank tracking? It’s easy to look at all of these terms and get overwhelmed if you’re not already in the know. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide that will take you through everything you need to know when it comes to SEO rank tracking software.

What is the best SEO rank tracking software for me?

There are all kinds of tools available that can aid with SEO rank tracking. While this means that there is a wealth of tools available, it can also mean that the choice is overwhelming. Which SEO rank tracking tools to rely on can be a difficult decision to make. To take the hassle out of this decision, we’ve made a list of the best rank tracking software.


AccuRanker touts itself as “The World’s Fastest Keyword Rank Tracker” on its website. It gives you instant, on-demand ranking updates when you need them. While its SERP history tool that informs you of which SERP features drive traffic to your site and its analysis tool which lets you segment and filter your data for ease-of-use, are commendable features, its speed is what makes it truly stand out amongst rank tracking software.

Price Details

Prices at AccuRanker are arranged by monthly plans. When paying for a year in advance, prices are discounted by 10%. All plans can be upgraded, downgraded or cancelled at any time, at no cost.

  • 14 day free trial
  • Lowest Price – $109 USD/month for 1000 keywords
  • Highest Price – $2149 USD/month for 50,000 keywords
  • For 100K, 200K, 250K and 1000K keywords, the site lists the price as “Not a problem, but let’s talk first”

Advanced Web Ranking

Best SEO Rank Tracking Software For – Location Specific Rank Tracking

As the name suggests, Advanced Web Ranking is made mainly for rank checking. If you want rank tracking without the bells and whistles of other SEO rank tracking software, this entry is certainly worth a look.

Not only does AWR compile rank tracking data from over 4000 search engines for both mobile and desktop rankings, it also offers a local rank tracking feature that allows you to narrow down your search results to a country, city, state or even specific GPS coordinates. 

Price details

Prices at AccuRanker are arranged by monthly plans. When paying for a year in advance, prices are discounted by 10%.

  • 30 day free trial
  • Starter (for startups) – $49/mo
  • Pro (for in-house teams) – $99/mo
  • Agency (for agencies) – $199/mo
  • Enterprise – from $499/mo

Authority Labs

Best SEO Rank Tracking Software For – Digital Marketing Agencies

Authority Labs is the kind of rank tracking software that stands to benefit digital marketing agencies the most. It has many rank tracking features; including its ability to automate local and mobile rank tracking with daily reporting, how it accommodates unlimited users, and its competitor tracking functionality as well.

However, its white-label SEO capabilities are what make it ideal for digital marketing agencies. You can white-label your rank tracking reports easily by adding your company logo, colours, and branding. Not only do you have visualised rank tracking data, but you have professional reports that you can present to clients. 

Price details

  • 14 day free trial
  • Plus – $49/mo
  • Pro – $99/mo
  • Pro Plus – $225/mo
  • Enterprise – $450/mo

Google Search Console

Best SEO Rank Tracking Software For – Accessibility For New Users

If you are new to rank tracking and you want to gain an understanding of how it works, Google Search Console is the rank tracking solution for you. It’s comparatively limited feature-wise than other entries on this list, but it’s also completely free and therefore more accessible.

Even though it has less features than other rank tracking software, Google Search Engine still tracks your position in the SERP, as well as other factors such as your domain’s clicks, impressions, and which search queries bring users to your site.

Price details

Google Search Console is free to use.


Best SEO Rank Tracking Software For – Rank Tracking and Site Auditing

Labrika is a site auditing tool, but it comes with a solid rank tracking tool. You can check your site position for any location and language. You can do it by country, city, or region. You can even compare search positions in several regions at the same time.

Price Details

Labrike offers different packages that you can pay for in monthly, tri-monthly and yearly instalments (with a 20% discount). These packages can be modified to accommodate different numbers of keyword ranking queries and page crawling credits.

  • Lite – $19/mo
  • Business – $29/mo
  • E-Commerce – $73/mo
  • Agency – $140/mo


Best SEO Rank Tracking Software For – Middle Ground Rank Tracking

Nightwatch is a versatile rank tracking solution with plans that are meant to accommodate different levels of organisation, from sole traders and small businesses, to large companies. 

You can track keywords locally or globally, you can segment those keywords (such as branded, high-volume, targeted etc.) to see how each one is performing, and the more expensive price plans intended for larger agencies allow you to produce white-label reports based on your rank tracking data.

Price Details

Nightwatch offers multiple packages that can be paid monthly or annually (with a 20% discount).

  • 14 day free trial
  • Starter – $39/mo
  • Optimise – $99/mo
  • Agency – $369/mo

SE Ranking

Best SEO Rank Tracking Software For – Price Flexibility

SE Ranking has a large number of features that go beyond rank tracking. However, that doesn’t overshadow how its keyword rank tracker allows you to track results from Google, Yahoo, Bing, and YouTube. You can specify the country, city, or post code that you want to see results from. And you can track users on either desktop or mobile devices.

However, its unique pricing model is what sets it part. The amount you pay depends on how often you want the tool to check your ranking, the length of your subscription period, the number of keywords to track, and the plan you select. The end result is high quality rank tracking at a much more accessible price.

Price details

SE ranking offers multiple packages that can be paid daily, every 3 days (with a 20% discount), weekly (with a 40% discount), monthly and annually (with a 20% discount).

  • 14 day free trial
  • Essential – $39/mo
  • Pro – $89/mo
  • Business – $189/mo


Best SEO Rank Tracking Software For – SEO Professionals and Larger-Sized Agencies

While its price is more oriented towards medium to large businesses, SEMrush is still a worthy rank tracking software solution. Like any rank checking tool, you can track your domain’s performance for your target keywords. However, you can also perform competitor analysis. And you can also use the rank tracker tool to spot and fix cannibalization, among many other things.

Price details

SEMrush offers multiple packages that can be paid monthly and annually (with a 16% discount).

  • Pro – $119.95/mo
  • Guru – $229.95/mo
  • Business – $449.95/mo

SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker

Best SEO Rank Tracking Software For – Offline Usage

SEO PowerSuite comes with four different SEO tools, one of which being a dedicated rank tracker. It’s easy to use. Once it’s set up, all you need to do is hit a button and it will check Google to see if your pages moved up or down the search results. There’s even a graph that shows your site’s progress over time.

However, what sets it apart from other entries on this list is that it is software that you can download and install on your computer. While you will need an internet connection to get data, you can view reports offline, making it ideal for people who can’t go online while on the move.

Price Details

  • Free version
  • Professional – $459/year
  • Enterprise – $769/year


Best SEO Rank Tracking Software For – Local Business Searches

Whitespark is not feature-heavy. Instead, it offers straightforward rank tracking for local businesses that are looking to track how well they’re performing in a specific region or community. Businesses can also track competitors as well.

Price details

Whitespark offers multiple packages that can be paid daily, weekly or annually.

  • Small Business – $25/mo
  • Specialist – $50/mo
  • Agency – $100/mo
  • Enterprise – $200/mo


Best SEO Rank Tracking Software For – Affordability

If you want to step up from the free rank tracking software solutions and their limited features, Wincher is good software to upgrade to. Not only does it come with affordable pricing plans, but you can track all the keywords you’re ranking for, their position in the SERPs, traffic, volume, and other relevant information. 

Other features include a keyword research tool, full API access and reporting.

Price details

Wincher offers multiple packages that can be paid monthly (with 2 free months) and yearly.

  • Starter – 29€/mo
  • Business – 59€/mo
  • Enterprise – 249€/mo

How can I use SEO rank tracking software for my business?

Once you have selected the SEO rank tracking software that works for you, here is the process you undertake in order to use it: 

Step 1 – Conduct Keyword Research

To use a rank tracking tool effectively, you must first identify the keywords that impact your business’s traffic. The number of keywords you need to target can vary based on the size of your website or SEO campaign. Small businesses might track fewer search terms, ranging from 10 to 200. You might need to identify more than 500 keywords if you run a large business with a lot of content. 

The main types of keywords include:

  • Keywords mentioning every product or service you offer.
  • Keywords mentioning your brand or company name.
  • The top-performing keywords from your website that are creating the most organic traffic.

Step 2 – Add Target Keywords to SEO Rank Tracking Software

Upload your keywords so the rank tracker can track the results of your website. Rank tracking software tends to let you add the keywords manually, and some even let you group the keywords into sections and groups in order to make the process more efficient. 

The software then analyses search engine results and generates information about performance based on the keywords. Once you’ve used the SEO rank tracker for a while, you’ll get a good idea of your website’s performance.

Step 3 – Analyse Your Website’s Performance

It’s important to analyse your website’s performance once you’ve gathered sufficient information from various search engines so you can better understand where you can make improvements to your content generation or organic traffic.

This information includes a keyword’s:

  • SERP rank
  • Search volume
  • Traffic
  • Number of results
  • Search trends

It’s helpful to look at different areas of your website when analysing your SEO campaigns and their performance, as different pages target different keywords and therefore have different effects. You can determine which keyword group performs the best, as well as which ones are underperforming.

Step 4 – Adjust Your Marketing Approach Based On Your Findings

After you’ve analysed your website’s ranking and have a clear understanding of how your content affects traffic, it’s time to make any necessary adjustments to improve your SEO ranking. 

For example, if keyword groups involving your brand-name products are outperforming your other groups that focus on giving consumers information, it’s possible your brand-name products generate enough traffic on their own, and you can develop stronger content for your other keyword groups to increase your website’s overall traffic and ranking.

Using the SEO rank tracker, you can make those adjustments while continuing to analyse your website’s performance. If you notice an increase in keyword rankings, you know your adjustments are working. However, if nothing changes, you might want to consider reanalysing and making different modifications.

What are the terms associated with SEO rank tracking software?

SEO Ranking

SEO ranking is the term used to describe where your website is positioned in a search engine results page (SERP). The higher your SEO ranking, the closer to the top your website is, which means the less scrolling a potential customer needs to do in order to find you (hence the likelier they are to select you over your competitors).

There are many things to keep in mind when you’re looking at SEO ranking, such as:

  • Your website will rank differently on search engines, as well as different versions of the same search engine based on region
  • Good SEO rankings are not the ultimate goal. The ultimate goal is to drive high amounts of traffic to your website and then convert that traffic into regular customers. Good SEO rankings are just a means to that end
  • There are so many different factors that can significantly affect your rankings, such as:
    • number of backlinks
    • sitemap and internal linking
    • usage of keywords in text elements like meta titles, meta descriptions, text etc.
    • term optimization of content, based on comparison with other documents on the same topic (proof and relevant terms, topic/content clusters, WDF*IDF)
    • URL structure
    • trust assigned to the page
    • page load time (site speed)
    • time on site and bounce rate (here: how long a visitor spends on the page before they return to the SERP)
    • CTR in the SERPs, i.e. how often searchers click on the result
    • and presumably many other factors like page traffic, authorship, how up-to-date a page is etc.

SEO rank tracking

SEO rank tracking is the act of tracking where URLs associated with your business rank on the SERP for select keywords. Detecting where URLs rank over an extended period of time allows you to determine trends that demonstrate the impact of your search engine optimisation.

Rank tracking is an important part of SEO, as the knowledge of how your website ranks can be used by you in order to:

  • Locate pages on your website that are causing traffic losses and downward trends in your traffic
  • Gain insight into your competitors through an understanding of why their marketing campaigns are successful (as well as discover untapped opportunities by analysing where competitors aren’t successfully ranking)
  • Identify potential opportunities to boost your SEO by improving your content

So, what is SEO rank tracking software?

SEO rank tracking software is a software solution that SEO analysts use to monitor a website’s performance on SERPs. Based on keyword searches, rank tracking software tracks the organic position of your website in search results. That way, you can determine how your website’s content is affecting its current ranking.

The goal of SEO rank tracking software is to produce a wealth of insights based on your ranking. For example, if you have a web page ranking for a specific keyword phrase, SEO rank tracking software can check your web page’s result in the SERP and inform you on how much scrolling or how many clicks people need to find your web page.

What are the benefits of SEO rank tracking software?

There are many benefits that stem from an organisation using SEO rank tracking software, including:

  • A constant avenue to gauge the success of their marketing campaigns, as well as determining what adjustments need to be made to further optimise content
  • The ability to identify which pages from your websites are providing the most benefit to your customer outreach
  • Notifications whenever your website drops its position on one or more search engines so you can respond accordingly with haste
  • Functions that allow you to monitor your competitors’ traffic, as understanding how your competitors are performing can help you make informed decisions about your own marketing and content strategies

When do business’ use SEO rank tracking software?

Companies and businesses should use SEO rank tracking software to monitor their progress when they start a new marketing campaign or establish goals to improve customer outreach. You can make better decisions about your content creation if you are aware of how your keyword-targeting activities interact with organic search engine traffic. 

For example, the data you collect from rank tracking can help you determine the keywords of other successful articles that you could potentially target. Essentially, the use of SEO rank tracking software allows businesses to create content that not only engages their customers, but also has the capacity to attract a wide number of new customers via SERPs as well.


Rank tracking is an important part of SEO. You need to be able to track where your website is ranking in search engine results pages. However, this can be difficult, particularly for people who are new to SEO.

That’s why we compiled a guide to SEO rank tracking software, especially finding the one that best suits your needs as a business. Our nominations for the best SEO rank tracking software included:

  • AccuRanker for speed
  • Advanced Web Ranking for location specific rank tracking
  • Authority Labs for digital marketing agencies
  • Google Search Console for accessibility for new users
  • Labrika for rank tracking and site auditing
  • Nightwatch for middle ground rank tracking
  • SE Ranking for price flexibility
  • SEMrush for SEO professionals and larger sized agencies
  • SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker for offline usage
  • Whitespark for local business searches
  • Wincher for affordability

The process for using SEO rank tracking software is simple too. It requires the following steps:

  1. Conduct keyword research to find impactful keywords
  2. Add target keywords to SEO rank tracking software
  3. Analyse the ranking of your website in various SERPs
  4. Use these analyses to inform your further SEO marketing efforts

Would you like more details on how to find the best SEO rank tracking software? Contact us to learn more.