We understand that businesses focus on sales and conversion. But before that, you need traffic, and you would only get that if you rank high above your competitors on search engine result pages.

So, how can you rank your WordPress site high on SERPs?

The first step is to engage an expert like Digital Treasury. Secondly, be proactive; get the WordPress plugins and extensions that boost rankings.

However, there are also tons of WordPress plugins (free and paid) on the market that claim rank boosting. As a result, deciding on the right fit can be a hassle.

But you don’t have to stress through various plugins for the sake of trial and error. We have done that for you; we have compiled a list of the top 7 WordPress plugins you can use to boost your rankings. Have a look!

Note: it is best to stick to one plugin at a time. Otherwise, the processes might conflict with each other and deter your efforts.

All In One Schema Rich Snippets

Let’s start your ranking boost from the feature text you see on SERPs. The plugin best suited for that is the All In One Schema Rich Snippets.

With Schema, you can compete with already ranking sites for clicks. This plugin allows you to design an attractive, interactive, straightforward rich snippet.

As a result, you will rise to a top-ranking page. The best part: you needn’t learn coding to use Schema. More importantly, the plugin meets varied needs. You can use it for your blogs, e-commerce, and review sites.

SEO rankings aside, Schema rich snippets give you a jumpstart to share your e-commerce offers and blog insights across social media platforms. Since they are usually short and attractive, they make for great hooks for your copies.

All In One SEO Pack (AISEO)

If you are a beginner at SEO and prefer to cut through the process like butter, stick to AISEO. This WordPress plugin is the most comprehensive kit for small businesses by far.

With AISEO, you needn’t learn complex aspects of SEO. With it, you will get your on-page requirements on track and rank.

For specifics, AISEO does the following:

  • It generates and submits sitemaps to search engines. That way, you will improve your chances of boosting your rankings, hence conversion and sales.
  • It helps beginners with easy-to-apply checklists to optimize their posts and pages.
  • It has social media and WooCommerce integration aids. With such kits, you can tweak your brand and store to drive organic traffic.

In summary, AISEO is a robust and beginner-friendly kit that meets flexible needs – blogs, businesses, and online stores. And it is popular too; the kit has over 2million downloads.

Broken Link Checker

You have probably seen a few 404 Error (page not found) on one of your various e-surfings. Chances are that you don’t want them on your site. This plugin is the one to help!

If you’re new to SEO, you probably don’t know the impact of broken links on your rankings effort. So, let’s give you an insight:

Search engine bots crawl your content and pages for relevancy and keywords. When they do, they index and rank your site.

If you have a broken link within your pages, the crawling and indexing process will take time. Unfortunately, that would eventually mean that you will rank below your competitors.

With Broken Link Checker, you can change the narrative. Understandably, you have written tons of informational posts, and you hardly have time for a manual check. That point is where this plugin comes to your aid.

What would have taken you hours or even days will take Broken Link Checker minutes. And you can then fix the errors and make search engine bots happy.

The best part: Broken Link Checker doesn’t stop at the link in your posts. It also checks your comment section and even images – in short, anything that would confuse your readers.

Pro tip: disable Broken Link Checker whenever it’s not in use. Otherwise, the constant search it makes could dent your overall site performance.


Technically, Redirection is not an SEO plugin.

It is, however, a redirect manager for WordPress. Whether it’s 301 redirects, 404 errors, or any other loose ends your site may have, Redirection will keep track of and eliminate these anomalies.

Why’s that important? Well, this plugin will both reduce errors and boost your site rankings.

Rank Math

If you want a robust, on-site plugin for your content management, use Rank Math. With this tool, you can own your rankings right from your WordPress site.

Regarding robustness, Rank Math can perform functions of Broken Link Checker. Yes, it has an advanced tool that screens 404 errors.

Furthermore, Rank Math can still work to replace Schema. It optimizes your rich snippets to rank fast and naturally. And all that is what you get to do right from your WordPress admin board.

Also, Rank Math integrates Google Search Console. Thanks to that integration, you can stay abreast of what keywords you are ranking for and get suggestions on what tweaks to make.

With all these robust functions, it sure sounds like Rank Math will hamper your site’s performance. Guess what, it doesn’t!

Rank Math is lightweight and the perfect beast for your on-page optimization. While the plugin requires a few technicalities, it will optimize your content and rank it for your desired keywords.

Rel NoFollow Checkbox

We discussed the havoc broken links could wreak on your ranking effort. And while Broken Link Checker and Rank Math help you avoid the 404 errors, how about the quality of the links?

If you will be linking out to external pages, won’t your site rankings suffer for it? You can vouch for the content and quality of information on your pages, but how about the external sources?

Short answer: a spammy site will hurt your SEO efforts. So, does that mean you will avoid external sites?

You can’t do that if you’re an affiliate marketer. So, what can you do?

Add the tag “rel nofollow” to all your external links. You can make the process even more comfortable with the Rel Nofollow Checkbox WordPress plugin!

The best part: Rel Nofollow Checkbox doesn’t need any brain-racking process. You only need to get the lightweight tool and install it within minutes, and it does all the work.

And beyond the addition of the trademark security tag, Rel Nofollow Checkbox also notifies you if someone tries to sneak a link into your content.

The SEO Framework

There is one thing you should know about plugins: they often come with disturbing ads and upsells. So, what if you don’t need SEO articles? You only want to boost your site’s rankings!

If that’s you, the fitting plugin for your WordPress site is The SEO Framework. This tool is extra lightweight and fast. In other words, it won’t disturb your site’s performance.

More importantly, The SEO Framework doesn’t bring ad pop-ups. With this plugin, you will get a tool to rank without distractions.

The SEO Framework is flexible too. It can adapt to various extensions to meet your varied needs. Here are some of the specific benefits of using this plugin:

  • AMP integration,
  • Article enhancement,
  • Comment caching,
  • Local SEO, and
  • Redirects.

Yoast SEO

Drum rolls for the best of them all: Yoast SEO!

Yoast SEO, undoubtedly, is the most-used WordPress plugin for boosting rankings. It comes with an appealing interface, constant updates, user-centred processing, etc. As a result, this supreme tool has gathered over 16K 5-star ratings.

Now, you wonder, what’s with the fuss? What does the plugin even do?

Yoast SEO is an all-inclusive plugin that transforms your content into what readers crave. And with that, your rankings will shoot for the sky.

Yoast SEO focuses on keyword optimization, internal linkages, and the readability of your content. Also, it gives you an instant update on where you rank on the SERPs.

What we love most about Yoast SEO is the support. They are always helpful. However, note that the plugin comes with waves of ads and upsells.

Overall, no WordPress plugin is a one-for-all to boost your rankings on SERPs. That said, you should pick the right fit to get the appropriate results. And we have extra tips to guide you below:

  • Pick All In One SEO if you want the most beginner-friendly plugin.
  • If you favour a lightweight and fast plugin, use The SEO Framework.
  • Stick to Rank Math if you want the most robust and all-inclusive plugin.
  • Lastly, use Yoast SEO for ranking standalone posts and pages. It’s best for such purposes!

And if you’d like to add to our list of the top rank-boosting WordPress plugins, we’d like to hear from you. Kindly comment below!