As a business owner, you may have heard of a lot of different marketing methods. Social media, paid ads, and all of the other options there are.

One of them is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Compared to most of the other ones, it may seem a little bit complicated. However, there are numerous benefits that every business needs.

But, investing in an SEO strategy is one of the best things you can do for your business. That’s why in this article, we’re going to take a look at why you should invest in an SEO strategy.

1. Increased Web Traffic

If you own any type of website, it’s because you want people to visit it right?

SEO helps you bring more visitors to your website through search engines like Google or Bing. The cool thing about SEO compared to paid ads is also that you don’t have to pay per visitor. So, you could work on your SEO and continuously get visitors from it, often for a much lower cost than other marketing methods.

This web traffic can also help you increase your conversions because you can run A/B tests, and get lots of valuable data from it.

2. Better Quality of Web Traffic

The next reason you should invest in an SEO strategy is that the quality of the traffic is extremely high.

One of the main reasons for this is because the visitors you get from search engines have searched for you, your content, or the problem that you solve. 

The visitor actively searching for you puts them into a mindset that is easier to convert, as they want to learn about whatever’s on your website.


If you would also like to use retargeting pixels from paid advertising channels like Facebook, Twitter, etc., then getting traffic from SEO has enormous benefits.

The traffic you receive from search engines is extremely high-quality.

When you use your advertising pixel to retarget these visitors, it allows you to advertise to them for a much lower cost.

So, you can leverage the high-quality traffic from SEO to also advertise for a lower cost.

3. Increases Brand Visibility & Trust

One thing that would benefit any business is brand visibility and trust.

The more visibility, the more chances you have to generate leads, sales, or clients. And, the more trust, the more likely your visitors are to convert.

SEO helps you increase both brand visibility and trust.

If your business is showing up in the search engine results for terms related to your product or service, your brand is getting a lot more visibility. This visibility is also a lot more targeted, as these terms are directly related to your business.

It’s also no secret that most consumers trust Google. If it’s your business that is popping up in the organic search results then you benefit from that, as users know Google trusts you.

4. Better User Experience

Modern SEO is all about user experience.

Whether it’s optimising the page speed or layout of the content, all of the modern SEO practices improve the user experience.

So, you’re not only satisfying yourself and search engines, but your visitors benefit from SEO too.

Keep in mind, we are talking about modern SEO where user experience plays a great role.

5. Great ROI

Last but not least, SEO also offers a great ROI.

ROI is one of our favorite parts of SEO, as it offers benefits that no other source of traffic offers.

Of course, getting ranked in search engines has a direct ROI. The cost of getting someone to work on your SEO or doing it yourself is far less than the profit made from rankings.

But, SEO also has the benefit that evergreen content performs much better than on other social channels.

We all know how quickly social media posts die on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. A piece of content from two years ago would never be recommended today.

With SEO however, it’s different as your old pages and blog posts can still rank in search engines. And, they can continuously bring visitors to your website, while your new content does too. This creates a true snowball effect and huge amounts of traffic.

Various companies like Hubspot, Canva, and others have used exactly this to their advantage to grow exponentially.

Final Thoughts

We hope you have enjoyed this article on 5 reasons you should invest in an SEO strategy.

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