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Our SEO agency is 100% transparent. We offer SEO Services for businesses around Perth who want to improve SEO rankings, increase organic oraffic and generate more leads from search engines like Google.

Digital Treasury knows every SEO campaign is different and we ensure an extensive amount of research is done to understand the industry our clients are in. We at Digital treasury offer SEO services Perth businesses can take advantage of and increase Keyword rankings and Organic traffic on the website. We are honest about the support we offer and the results you get are worth more than the investment, time and effort put in your business.

What is SEO and why is it important for businesses in Perth?

Search engine optimization or SEO in simple terms is a process that involves optimising a website and improving the quality and quantity of website traffic. Understanding how the search engine’s algorithm works is key to driving the right organic traffic to your website. However you need not worry about that as we’ve got you covered. And being able to retain a customer on your website is more valuable than trying to win customers.

The higher your pages rank on search engines more likely the higher organic traffic is generated. More clicks are expected leading to customers buying a product or service on your website. Every dollar that you spend on SEO is moving your business for a better future.

Does your website require a boost in Organic traffic?

Organic traffic are those visitors that land on your web page based on the query answered on the search engine results. Organic traffic is free traffic but to be able to take advantage of that. SEO Campaigns are a long term strategy and like any long term business goal it requires time and effort. Understanding the SERP and using tactics to build organic traffic is essential for websites to increase keyword ranking and organic traffic growth. 

Why is Ranking an important part of SEO services Perth businesses need to focus on?

Growing organic traffic for businesses around Perth and ranking for keywords specific for local businesses are an essential part of any SEO strategy. Google uses over 200 factors to rank keywords. Inorder to rank well on a search engine it’s important to know your target keywords and keyword research should be a top priority. Digital Treasury do extensive keyword research prior to beginning any SEO campaign. 

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#5 reasons why Digital Treasury are the best SEO Services Perth based businesses need

Custom SEO Strategy

Every Perth based business is different and has different business goals, we don’t believe one size fits all. Hence we listen to our clients needs and look for opportunities before customising an SEO strategy for our clients in Perth. Be it local businesses, Franchise owners or a National brand, every strategy will be vastly different based on the product or service your business has to offer.

Comprehensive Keyword Research

Keyword research is a building block towards a successful SEO campaign. Keyword research involves finding and analyzing relevant search terms people look for on a search engine. The goal is to understand the user and ensure the relevant information is based on the exact search queries.We pinpoint the search terms that are relevant to your business, taking into account your services and products on offer. 

Competitive Analysis

Knowing your competitors is very important for any business. Although competitors online might be a little different from offline competitors. For example, A local beauty salon might have competitors in close proximity to itself and those might not have a website. However, on search engines like Google, Binge etc the competitors will be different based on size of business operations. Understanding both direct and indirect competitors is important while developing an SEO strategy.

SEO Content Audit

Content on the website is very important to rank higher on search engines. An in-depth look at the website through a content SWOT analysis will give a qualitative & quantitative assessment on the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for your website. Constantly updating or refurbishing content on a website is important to be ahead of the competition and ensuring website credibility and authority is maintained.

Transparent SEO Reporting

Successful SEO campaigns are built on trust and transparency. SEO reporting gives an overview on how the website is performing with different search engines. Some of the key metrics to track on SEO campaigns are organic traffic, domain authority, rankings and also highlights the work carried out during the month. At the start of every month a detailed report will be shared with you based on the previous month’s performance. We will ensure most of the details will be summarized to help you understand the next step forward.

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