A custom website design is a design which is designed with the clients requirements from scratch. Depending on what kind of website you are building keeping in mind the budget, Digital Treasury will build a custom website design for you. We believe your website should be unique to only your brand hence a custom website design is a great way to get ahead of the curve in today’s competitive market.

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Why do I need a custom website?

Setting up a website with a pre-existing theme isn’t very difficult and doesn’t necessarily require any kind of coding skills either. However, being able to add features and functionality based on business needs can be difficult to find when using a template for your website. That’s where a website design agency or or custom website template can help a website become a reality for a brand.

What are the benefits of having a custom website design for your business?

  • A website Tailored to your brand

Themes and templates for websites can be very rigid and restrictive. A custom built wordpress web design can instantly remove those problems and a website according to your unique brand can be developed. Websites in the digital age not only want to showcase their products and services but also a brand personality breaking away from the clutter rather than having a basic website.

  • Customer Experience Website Design

The customer journey is an important factor and needs to be the centre of the discussion while building a custom design. Mapping a customer’s journey through the website is important to be able to understand what web pages are more important and being able to customize it according to the potential customer is important. This flexibility isn’t available if a web design template is used. Web development and web design is important to be able to map the right customer journey and give the visitors a smooth customer experience on your website.

  • Up to Date Security and Website 

Custom Website Design gives you access to a team of website developers who are very efficient and ensure any troubleshooting problem or any site issue is resolved immediately. We at Digital Treasury offer custom website design services and keep the website updated when any changes in the algorithm. Website security from hackers is always a potential threat but a team of experts at Digital Treasury will help you incorporate a Secure Sockets Layer or SSL certificate that helps establish encrypted and secured links between computers.

  • Search Engine Friendly

A custom website design with SEO built-in by web developers with clean codes help the website rank better with proper Meta tags, optimized keywords for each page and content written specific to the type of page. SEO for a website either custom built or a template needs to be reviewed and updated as new updates are introduced. And Digital Treasury provides SEO services for Custom Web Design clients and rank keywords specific to products and services.

  • Responsive to future business changes

Most businesses that have a web design template on their website find it difficult to make changes when there is growth and the website needs more agility. That’s where a custom website design can be a real difference. If the website architecture is set up with a well thought roadmap at the beginning, adding layers to a website becomes less of a challenge. Different functionalities and content might be added depending on the requirements for a business.

  • Custom CMS functionality

Website developers can help build a custom CMS (content management system) based on business needs. Inhouse updates become a lot easier as functions that only what the business needs can be added. Website development teams are always contactable if any major changes are needed or website maintenance is required.

  • Competitive Edge

Breaking away from the clutter of websites is very important and difficult at the same time. Testing and analyzing data can be done in a better way with a custom website design as compared to fixed template design. A website is the first point of contact for a potential customer and being able to have a brand presence is important and a custom web design can help achieve that.

How much does a Custom Website Design cost?

A simple website won’t be too costly but the more functionalities are added the cost will go up. A custom website can range anywhere between $5,000 to $50,000 in Australia. Affordable website can surely help when you are on a budget and have limited time. A good website will have a modern design with a functional and aesthetic look, faster loading times, interactive, Optimised for different gadgets. And these factors you will only be able to get with a custom website design.

Why Does a Custom Website Design Cost So much?

The value of design is undervalued hence finding out the cost of a website can be very surprising to some. You are not merely paying for a website, you are paying for a business strategy, Content, stock images, graphics and alot more.

A website design agency or freelancer has the expertise and solutions for possible roadblocks a business might face ahead and being able to overcome those obstacles that a business can’t see at the moment is key. Behind the high cost is years of experience and expertise from many projects that enable a web design agency to bring personalisation to a client’s website.

A custom Website design is an investment and in the long term the return on investment will be more than the cost of the website. Digital Treasury has helped businesses grow their online presence with custom web design services.

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