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Key Reasons Businesses Need a Website Audit

Your website should be an asset to your business that is consitently generating new revenue.

If this isn’t the case, you need to audit your website’s performance to determine what is causing your issues.

Key reasons to get a website audit.

  1. Drop in revenue from website
  2. Low level of traffic from organic Google search
  3. Poor rankings in Google search for keywords other than your branded terms (for example, “Digital Treasury”)
  4. Google Analytics shows your bounce rate is high or your time on site is low or your pages per visit is close to 1.0
  5. Poor conversion rates of traffic to purchase/leads
  6. Traffic from Google drops after a major algorithm change.

Choose a Website Audit

Website Design Audit

 Our designers look at your website page by page to check for design issues.

UX Audit

UX design is a design process whose sole objective is to design an experience that offers great experiences to its users. We audit your website from a UX perspective. 

Technical SEO Audit

We review 100s of techincal aspects of your website to ensure different elements need to rank are present. 

Competitor Analysis

 We look in detail at your key SEO competitors and reverse engineer what they are doing well from a SEO perspective and overall digital marketing point of view. 

Content Audit

We audit the content on your website from a SEO perspective to understand what you have to work with for a new SEO campaign. We review your content length, spelling, grammar, keyword cannobilisation & website architecture. 

Want to talk SEO?

Organise a free consultation where we can look at your exact SEO rankings today & discuss the SEO campaign it will take to improve your ranking in Google. Live over the phone. No rubbish automated reports 🙂 Speak with a real SEO specialist. 


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