We’ve noticed that more businesses are using Shopify platform as it’s growing in popularity. The catch with Shopify SEO is that it’s a long term game. But if you use the right SEO techniques with the right content strategy you’ve got yourself a winning formula.

What exactly is Shopify SEO?

Shopify SEO is SEO improvements done specifically for a shopify website. A shopify store has a lot of useful functionalities that can help boost your Shopify SEO. A blog for content, redirect option, Meta Tag fields etc.

Do you want to Rank your Shopify Store?

5 tips we recommend to use to improve your current Shopify SEO

  • Do a comprehensive Keywords Research

Keyword research is the most important process of a Shopify SEO campaign. The best way to approach keyword research is to list down keywords around your products and what you believe your customers might be looking for on the web.

Looking for ideas from different forums, public groups can also give you an idea on what the customers might search for. Another way is closely analysing competitor websites and similar products to see what kind of keywords are being used.

  • Ensure Shopify Site Structure is straightforward

Many shopify stores try to create complex site structures which look visually appealing but their user experience is very bad. This can be a roadblock for visitors to the website. A clear site structure for your shopify website is important and while a content strategy is developed this site structure needs to be followed as well.

Home ==== Categories ==== Subcategories ===== Products

This is an easy site structure keeping in mind your customer who will interact with your shopify website.

A Content strategy is very important to be able to connect with your customers and give them another reason to stay and interact with your website. Content is a great way to rank for keywords associated with your brand but most shopify store owners don’t think content is important as they are more worried about the revenue and number of products sold. But being able to connect with your customers and educating them about the product will help them come back or even recommend the website to others.

  • Don’t neglect your On-Page SEO for Shopify

Shopify has made it very easy for anyone to use On-Page optimization techniques for different web pages.

Meta- title is a very important aspect of On-page SEO. A title tag tells Google what the page is about and ranks it based on keywords that are used for that piece of content. A Meta Description gives a brief overview of what the page of content is talking about. 155-160 characters should be ideally used but at the same time keyword potency should be considered. Having images with the right size, file name, image Alt text (describing the image) should be done to complete the optimization.

  • Link Building is important

A link building strategy should be developed to help Google rank the website and web pages. The quality, relevance of the links to a specific page is a ranking factor in the eyes of a search engine. Backlinks are nothing but spreading the word around for SEO purposes. Getting influencers to talk about your product and link them to the website is a good way to build quality links.

  • Social Media strategy

A social media strategy along with Shopify SEO can help grow your business. Social media platforms are a good door to enter the market and be able to understand your audience better. E-commerce products do well on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Facebook etc. Display ads and Facebook ads can be expensive and depending on the budget you would get your results but have less impact on organic growth. Again, building content and followers slowly and steadily is the way forward for your Shopify business to succeed.