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Your Website Should Rank in Google So People Can Find Your Business!

  • Be easily found by customers looking for the products/services you sell
  • Generate more organic SEO traffic
  • Transparent SEO campaigns
  • No lock in contracts. Cancel anytime.

Your Website Should Clearly Explain to People What You Can Do For Them!

  • Well thought out website communication strategy
  • Professional custom designs
  • Easy to use and update WordPress websites
  • We train your team how to use it
  • Setup with all the analytics you need
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Digital Treasury?
Digital Treasury is a digital marketing agency in Cheltenham Australia that offers Website Design, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), WordPress Website Maintenance & Consulting/Training services.

Our team loves helping businesses utilise their website assets better to help grow their business!

How much does working with Digital Treasury cost?
Digital Treasury is proud to provide completely transparent pricing on all of our services. To get accurate costings for the services your business needs, please contact us directly and speak to one of our website specialists.
Does Digital Treasury have lock-in contracts?
No. For Digital Treasury’s ongoing services (WordPress Maintenance, SEO) we DO NOT lock clients into long term contracts.

If our services are good, you won’t want to cancel!

How can we start working with Digital Treasury?
To see if we can work together, contact us to arrange a website consultation.

During this call we can talk about your current website marketing campaign, understand what goals you would like to achieve and then see if Digital Treasury can help you execute strategies to reach those goals.

Meet Our Team


Brett Melville

Head of Website & Ranking Strategy

Annie-Mei Forster

SEO Writer & Outreach Coordinator

Chris Koch

Website & UX Specialist


Kamilla Bakiyeva

SEO Marketing Coordinator


Theodore Sariklis

Content Writer


Teresa Barbaro

SEO Marketing Coordinator

How does it work?

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Schedule a Call

If you’re not seeing the results you want from your companies website design or SEO campaign.
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Custom Strategy

During your call we’ll talk about your goals and come up with a high-level strategy for your business.
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Implement Your Strategy

We execute your strategy with either a new website design or SEO campaign, or both!

Ready to Get Started?

Take the first step and schedule a free 30-minute phone consultation

Our Latest Work

Why Choose Us

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Business Strategy First, Design Second
We’re not your typical website design agency. We have over 15 years of real world experience working in Finance, Investment, Treasury, Business Incubation and Healthcare Services.

We use this experience to gain a deeper understanding of your business strategy, target market and the challenges you face selling your products and services. This ensures that your custom website design clearly communicates your business strategy.

digital visual communication
We Focus on Clearly Communicating Your Brand
We work with you to write succinct website copy that clearly explains who you are and what you can do for your target market.

Your website is the most important visual communication tool you have to tell potential customers WHO you are and WHAT you can do for them. Yet when you land on so many businesses websites they make it hard to work out what it is they do and how they help browsers!

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Attract More Customers Online

If you’re looking to attract more customers to your business online, you need to implement strategies that attract more traffic to your website.

With the right website content and search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies you can attract more visitors to your website that are interested in your products and services. With the right website design, increased traffic can convert to more phone calls, more email enquiries, additional exposure as a leader in your industry and growth in online sales.

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Increase Your Business Profits

At the end of the day profits should drive the majority of your business decisions. You can have a perfectly designed website, but without traffic it’s completely useless to your business.

Once your website is ranked on the first page of Google your revenue and profits will grow as more people discover your products and services in search engine results.

Ready to Get Started?

Take the first step and schedule a free 30-minute phone consultation

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